Strawberry picking

Today was busy. Today was exhausting. Today was perfect. 

I had no intention of going anywhere but grocery shopping today, so when my cousin's wife texted me saying that there are U pick strawberries not far from my house, I had to go.  I always end up missing strawberry season, most farms say that they are available to pick in June, well by the time June comes around, all the berries are gone. So I told myself we would just see, maybe buy a box or two. I grabbed the kids buckets "just in case" and piled everyone into the car. 
The kids were more then happy about going to a farm, especially to pick some berries. 

Well, when I got the the field, turns out that they only opened yesterday, score! They had freshly picked strawberries at the stand,  Sure, I could have just bought a box at the stand, but did I? (well I bought a box to give to my neighbor) but no, I had to drag everyone one across the field on a hot, sunny day to get our own strawberries. 

Em and Nico had a contest going, which one would fill up their bucket faster. What is it about that age? Everything has to be a contest? Then someone always gets upset because they don't want to be the looser, and then fights start..... sigh..... yeah......this can go on all day long, but they can't stay mad at each other for more then a few minutes, they absolutely adore each other. Nico misses Em while she is at school, and asks me a few times during the day, when is Em going to be home. He adores her, and she loves that. 

My two year old was a sweetheart, he is a total mommy's boy, always by my side. Today was no exception. He had to be in the same row as I was at all times, if I hopped over a row, he would follow me. He would point at ripe berries and tell me where to pick. Once he picked one, he would carefully inspect it and if it suited his standards, it went into his bucket. If not, he flung it with all his might across the fields saying "ay yai yai" It his new thing. He got it from me, when I change his diaper I would say "ay yai yai" which basically means oh boy.  So if something is dirty, broken, or if he has a dirty diaper, he comes up to me and says "ay yai yai". I think it is the cutest thing ever. 

Well, we went, we saw, we picked, we ate.  The kids were so excited to surprise daddy with their strawberries, and take a box to our neighbor. We will most likely go again soon, I want to get more berries for freezing and for making freezer jam. I love this season. I love spring. I love summer. I love warm and sunny days. Today was perfect. 

How beautiful are those berries? 

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