Cookie Making Play Date

One of my favorite ways to "socialize" are play dates with other stay at home mamas. 

This time I hosted a cookie making play date and we had a great time. 

30 for 30 Spring Remix Challenge #17

I am getting pretty nervous, It is day 17 and I am running out of outfit ideas. I wish I would have included more casual, comfortable clothes.  Oh, and next time I am doing this challenge, I won't be including shoes in the 30 day count. That way, I can wear any shoes I like, and get to choose more clothes. 

This is what I wore today.

30 for 30 Spring Remix Challenge #16

Today was a nice and slow day.
We did our lessons and then off to the park to meet up with some friends.

30 for 30 Spring Remix Challenge #15

Today consisted of some light housecleaning, a few loads of laundry, getting all the lessons ready for the week and then shopping and lunch with my princess! 

I organized the kids closets last week, and it turns out that that the summer shoes/sandals don't fit either one of the kids anymore. Dresses & skirts from last year are to short on little Em, she sure sprouted this winter! 

Hubby volunteered to watch the little man so I could get some new spring/summer clothes for the kids.

I went to Old Navy, Target, h/m, Nordstrom Rack.

I don't spend a lot of money on kids clothes since they usually wear it for only one season. 
But it all adds up. Lets just say I could have bought a side table I have been wanting with the money I spent today. :( 

I have to say, this has become my favorite skirt by far. It is so comfortable, and I feel that it goes with so many things. I think this is my 3rd time wearing it during this challenge. 

30 for 30 Spring Remix Challenge #14

Today was a lovely day. We went to morning Shabbat service, then we had friends over for lunch. 

Since I am not wearing any clothes outside my 30 picks, I have lost all interest on clothes shopping. However, I have been focusing more on buying accessories. Which my wardrobe really needs. Because you can create so many more outfits with different accessories. 

I ordered 3 belts from However, all three have to go back. They are to big. This one is one of them, I will go to the store and see if I can exchange it, otherwise I will need to order one online again. 

This is what I wore today:

Sunday Link Party #5


Thank you to everyone who linked up last week. I had such a great time checking out all of your links.

Here are this weeks features:

Mrs. Devore over at Dwellings By Devore shared a beautiful mirror transformation
Leslie shared a beautiful bamboo table transformation

Diana shared how she took mismatching plates and created a plate wall
GreyLusterGirl showed us how she created a beautiful moss wreath
Kat shared her beautiful spring wreath
Diana showed us how she transformed a $3 thrifted tray

Jenn from Eat Cake for Dinner shared her Banana Rainbow Chip Cookies
Ellya shared a beautiful Lemon cake recipe.
Diana, over at Decorate me Diana, shared a very easy recipe for macarons.
Kat from A Blessed Life atop A cake Stand shared her sons first smash cake.


Now, on to the party.

Please link your crafts, DIYs, recipes, home tours, parties or sewing projects.

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30 for 30 Spring Remix Challenge #13

I am so tired today. I am so happy I get to rest tomorrow. 

Just church, lunch with family and rest all day until sun down. You have no idea how good that sounds. 

I made a yummy cake today, which I am kind of proud of because I am really bad at making cakes, they never turn out. Something always goes wrong. I prefer to buy them. 

This is what I wore after I was done with all the cooking and baking. (which was around 1pm, not bad this week) Which left plenty of time for a Target run. 
I went for 3 birthday cards and came back with 15 other things. 

30 for 30 Spring Remix Challenge #12

It was another beautiful day today. Today I cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, and did some baking. It has been such a hard and long week, I am really looking forward for Shabbat, I really need the rest. 

This is what I wore today

Family Room (updated)

I have been trying to bring in more color into my house this year.
I have updated the living room and dining room so far. The family room could not escape a small update as well.

(I can't promise that I won't change any more things)




Paint: Sterling by "Behr"

The rug is from IKEA
The sectional is from Scan Design
Cabinet is from Target
curtains are from Urban outfitters
Lamp is from Target
Straw tray is from Walmart
Plant pot is from Home Depot
Coffee table Overstock

Thanks for visiting.

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Backyard Progress

We are tackling a big project this year. The back yard. 
We have three major things on the list: Move fence, build a patio roof and start box gardens. 

So far we have moved the fence and started a garden.

Here is what we have started with.

It is a pretty low maintenance yard, but there was a lot of space on the side. We were tired of the un-used space and the fact that people let their dogs poop on our lawn over and over again. 

And now that we moved the fence, we have more room.

(we still need to replace the old fence boards, we literally picked up and moved each part over.)

30 for 30 Spring Remix Challenge #11

I am so sore and tired from all the manuel work outside this week, I was having a bad hair day, and I didn't get enough sleep last night (little man is sick) But even with all this, today was still a lovely day! 

It was in the 70's and beautiful! 
I am so happy that "spring" is finally here. For this week at least. With the northwest, you don't really know.

This is what I wore today:

Polka Dot Knit top: Marshall's
Skirt: Modcloth
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: Me Too (Nordstrom)
Headband: Modcloth (free gift with purchase)

See my 30 picks here

Thanks for visiting and I hope you all have a great week.
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30 for 30 Spring Remix Challenge #10

Today was another crazy busy day. 

It was filled with all day gardening, accompanied with 2 trips to Home depot (Grrr... Don't you just hate it when you run out of something in the middle of a project?) 

 I planted flowers, shrubs and bulbs in the back and front yard as well as spreading new bark. 

I am so sore and tired from two full days of working outside, and I didn't recognize my ugly nails today. I finally took the time to clean them make them all nice and pretty again tonight.  

This is what I wore today. I took of my scarf while gardening because it kept getting in the way. 

And with my prescription sunglasses:

 Boyfriend Jeans: Nordstrom
White shirt: Kohls
Scarf: Anthropologie 
Shoes: Pay Less
Hat: Forever 21

See my 30 picks here

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30 for 30 Spring Remix Challenge #9

Today was a super busy day. 

With housework, homeschool, yard work and store runs. 
Honestly, I felt like staying in sweats and tennis shoes all day, but this 30 day challenge really keeps me on my toes. I actually took time to get dressed when I really didn't feel like it. 

Here is what I wore today. 

Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: CH (Nordstorm Rack)
Shoes: Payless
Belt: Target

See my 30 picks here

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