Half Bath - updated

So I recently painted the bathroom. With stripes. Again. 
It was already striped, I just repainted them to get a fresh look. I alternated the stripes. It used to start and end with white, so the trims did not pop, now they pop against the gray. 

This half bath is so small, it doesn't even have room for a regular door. No kidding, there is a pocket door, which I do not love, but oh well. 

I know that striped walls are not as popular as they were once. I originally painted the half bath in 2012! (what?! its been 4 years?!) But I still love them in this bathroom. If the whole bathroom was gray, it would feel like a cave. Trust me, I tried that. Didn't like it one bit. When it was all white, It was boring. So stripes it is. 

I also had hubby put up these ikea shelves for me. Perfect place to store extra toilet paper and clean towels. I love them! 

This bathroom came a long way from where it was before - Can you believe that is the same bathroom?!

Thanks for visiting, 


  1. Hi Rita
    As always ,good taste ,love your house .
    Those stripes are still nice and the shelves are top !!
    Have a great day

  2. Wow! What a HUGE change since the original bathroom. I think the strips look great and even if the bathroom is small…it serves its purpose and it's beautiful =)

  3. I really like those Ikea shelfs. Do you have link to purchase them?