Back to School 2015

Today my sweet girl started 2nd grade! 

We always knew we would take homeschooling one year at a time, and this summer we had to make the difficult decision. After much prayer and deliberation, public school felt like the right choice right now.

I pray that her school year is amazing, and she grows in knowledge.
 I pray that she will always treat others with kindness and that her gentle, sweet spirit will flourish. 

I love you sweet girl, I know that you are going to do so well in school.
I will keep you in my prayers all day long and can not hear about your day, every singe day to come. 

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Big Girl Room

Little Miss Emily got her own room! Yay, we are all excited for this big change. Before this, my two older kidos shared a room, but the time came to split them up. My son would keep my daughter awake talking and asking question after question late into the night, he is at that curious age :). 
With Emily starting school in a few days, I figured that a good nights sleep was important, so her own room was a must. 

You can see their old shared room here.  

Now we have a girls room and a boys room

This room was the playroom before, you can see it here. First thing I did was give it a nice fresh coat of paint. I used my favorite gray color Sterling by Behr. I have it in about 75% of my house and I am planning to paint the rest of it with the same color soon. 

I have been wanting to create a gallery wall somewhere in my house for a while now, and it was really fun to create this one here. I started to gather inexpensive pictures and frames here and there for a few weeks and am pretty happy how it turned out. 

See how I painted the dresser here
Duvet is from Pottery Barn Teen
Bed is from IKEA
Pouf is from Land of Nod
Rug is from Rugs USA
Blackout Drapes are from Pottery Barn Teen

IKEA Malm Dresser Hack (before and after)

I have been busy this month trying to finish up some of the projects on my to do list before school starts. As I was working on my daughters room, I decided to paint her dresser to give it a new look. Her IKEA MALM dresser was very functional but a little boring.
After a little bit of paint, some new knobs and overlays, it looks like a completely different piece of furniture. 

I ordered the overlays from here. There are so many options for different IKEA furniture, you can truly customize your own furniture and make it one of a kind. 

I found the knobs at home depot, I believe I paid about $30 for all 8.

If you want an approximate cost breakdown:

Dresser: $99.99
Overlays: $28.00
Paint: $16.00
Knobs: $30.00
Poly seal: $8.00 

Total: $181.99

Off course I already the dresser from a few years back, so it cost me $82 to refinish the dresser. 

I bought hi-gloss paint with built in primer at home depot, I used a small roller and gave it 2 coats. 
After the paint was dry, I sealed it with two coats of polyurethane, which I also applied with a small roller. 
The next day after my dresser was dry, I measured and drilled my holes and put in my hardware. Afterwards I superglued my overlays on. 

 Have you done any IKEA Hacks lately? Leave a link below, I would love to see your project :)

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Boys Room

It was so refreshing to actually be able to create a "boys" room. You see, before my daughter and son shared a room, and it was difficult to create a space for both of them. You can see their old rooms here and here

My older son is sleeping in this room now, and eventually my baby boy will move in here within the next year. I personally do not like bunk beds, it is such a pain to change the sheets and make the beds everyday :( but I think it is well worth the space we are able to get for playing.

I painted the walls my favorite shade of gray: Sterling by Behr from Home Depot, the bunk beds are from pottery barn and were an amazing steal on craigslist. The bedding is from target, the yellow bookshelf is from overstock, and the rest of the furniture is from IKEA.

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County Fair 2015

Summer is coming to an end, which leaves a bittersweet feeling in my heart. The leaves are drying, school shopping is in full swing and school is starting just around the corner.
Although I am sad that summer has passed by us so fast, I am grateful for the memories we have made and am looking forward to the cool breeze of fall and leaves turning beautiful shades of red and yellow.

One of the things on our today list this summer was attend the county fair, which we finally did!
The kids have been asking to go everyday for two weeks (ever since I happened to mention that the fair is in town) We have been putting it off for days, and finally their patience was rewarded, and we made it there. We went on rides, played games, watched a monster truck show and ate junk food, needless to say we went home tired but very happy.

I am so gratefull to be able to make these memories for my children. I read a really good quote recently, it said "To be in your kids memories tomorrow, you must be in their lives today".

This hit me pretty hard, sometimes I get so busy with my everyday things, and I forget to take the time and make some memories, it is a good reminder for us all :)

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Living Room - Summer

I wanted to share a few new touches in the living room for the summer. 
I brought in a more green into the living room with the cushions and I love how fresh it feels. It reminds me of summer, green grass and flowers outside. 

 I had to move this shelf out of the family room/den since it did not work with the new sectional, so I decided to leave it in the family room. 
It stores all of our dvds, photo albums, and the boxes store greeting cards we received, baby books, cds and other random things. 

As you can tell, I had to move all of the "breakables" up high out of reach for my one year old. He is a curious little guy, and likes to get his hands on all of mama's things, especially shiny and breakable things :). 

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