Baby Shoes//

I hope you had a great past week and an even better weekend. To be honest, the last few days have been on the rougher side for me. Baby William has been very fussy, which I am blaming teething on, because he is truly a sweet little baby (those darn molars!), I have had constant back pain, and its feeling like I can not keep up with everything I want to do.  So I have been in major survival mode. The only way he is happy, is when he is outside. Which is why he needed his first pair of real shoes, he has been wearing moccs till this point, but now that he is walking, he needs shoes he can walk outside in. We headed to Nordstrom to be measured and for his little photo and balloon, and then off course we stopped by JCrew, always a must. I was disappointed that there spring stuff wasn't out in stores until this coming Wednesday. I am so done with winter, I want spring! We then went out to lunch and a toy store.
//I think he likes his new shoes//

//how cute are these teeny tiny shoes?//

//my little love bug//

//i have a weekness for little baby shoes//
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A little sunshine in January.....

Here, in the rainy NW, we are programed to crave sunshine, so as soon as it stops raining and the gray clouds disappear we rush outdoors as if to soak up as much sunshine we can before the angry clouds return. It felt great get some fresh air, and it was William's first time at the park since he started walking. Which made me realize that he doesn't have any water proof shoes, sure mocs are cute, but not very practical in this weather (when the grass is soaking wet), which means we need to go shoe shopping for the little guy. We are going to make a day of it and I am looking forward to that. 

Family Room Updated

I have been doing some tweaking in the family room, all because of a rug. Yep, a rug. 
I moved the jute rug to the living room about 5 months ago and bought this rug from Target. I just realized I never posted a picture of that rug on the blog. But I found this instagram photo of mine:

I loved it at first, the colors went with my decor and it is so soft. However, a few weeks into it, I noticed piling, which just got worse as weeks went by. I went back online and read that a lot of people had the same problem. I was upset, it was money down the drain. 

I went to Rugs USA and found this rug for 75% off, I ended up paying under $100. Not a bad deal for a 5X8 rug, right? 

I am loving it now, it is soft and a beautiful navy color. It is dark, which means we would be able to see crumbs especially after movie and popcorn night. 

William's 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated William's first birthday this weekend. I still find it hard to believe that he is one
already. I think it's really fun to throw parties for our babies, I know they won't remember it, but its more about celebrating the fact that we have all survived this first year.

We chose an airplane theme and the colors red and blue. After that, things just kind of came together. We all had a great time, and I want to thank our family and friends for coming and joining us on this celebration. 

Day in The Life of a Homeschooling SAHM #2

Monday and Tuesdays are my favorite weekdays . They are slow and easy. We are well rested from the weekend and are ready to tackle the week.

Today I am showing you how our Monday went by. No two days are ever the same, and most of the time I still find it difficult to homeschool with my baby who is now 11 months old. He loves to get into everything, pull things down, and destroy everything in sight. Which is why I am so thankful he takes a nice long nap after breakfast so we can get a big chunk of school done.

So if you have ever wanted to see what a stay at home, homeschooling mom of a 7 year old, 4 year old and an 11 month old does all day, here it goes.

7am I woke up and made William a bottle, and he fell back asleep. I lay in bed, check some of my favorite blogs, my email, Facebook, instagram.  I get myself a glass a water and decide that today will be the day I should make a DAY IN THE LIFE blog post, I head back to bed, I am not a morning person.

8:30 am I start hearing the kids stirring and talking. Everyone comes to my bed for some cuddle time.

8:30-9am We get up, get dressed, brush teeth/hair. We make our beds and clean our rooms, I start the laundry ( I usually do a load of lights and darks every day)

New Hair, New Me!

Last year, a few months postpartum, I got hit pretty badly with postpartum hair loss. I worked hard growing out my hair for the past three years, but now it was coming out in clumps, in the shower, on the bathroom floor, in fact it was all over the house. There where days when I didn't even want to brush my hair in the morning because I didn't want more to fall out. I kept my hair up in a top knot almost every day. Now, naturally my hair is already very fine, so I kept panicking when more and more kept falling out.

Now, towards the end of my pregnancy, I decided to have my stylist ombre my hair, this involved bleach. I ended up not liking it, so I had her color it back a few months after baby, but the damage was done. My hair started breaking horribly.

(before the hair loss)

I spent money on hair treatments, oils, anything to stop the breaking, but nothing helped.

So now I had postpartum hair loss and damaged ends breaking off. I was so upset, so I decided to cut it all of and start all over. 

The postpartum hair loss had long stopped, and although I miss long hair  I am loving my short hair now, No more pony tails or top knots. My hair takes only a few minutes to style each morning. 
I use a straightener to curl hair away from my face and it lasts all day.

I will probably start slowly growing out my hair again soon,  but for now I will enjoy the low maintenance of a short bob. 

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