Snow Days

Eight. That is the number of snow days we have had this school year. 
No, we have not been getting piled with snow for days. It snowed one night. 8 inches. Thats it. Who knew that 8 inches would cause so much trouble. Nobody shoveled their sidewalks, most businesses didn't clear their parkings lots, salt wasn't spread on the roads. Everyone assumed that the snow would melt by the next day. Just like it always does. But boy, were we were in for a surprise. Everything turned to ice. The roads were dangerous and the sidewalks slippery for almost 6 days. It took people hours to get home from work, wrecks happened, trees fell, roofs caved in. 

You see, we live in the NW. We are known for our predictable winter weather: RAIN. We know rain. We are comfortable with rain. We don't cancel school for rain. We know how to drive in rain. Rain doesn't bother us, rain doesn't shut businesses down. 

Don't get me wrong, we did enjoy the snow. The first two days were amazing. We woke up full with anticipation and had an amazing time  playing in the snow. We built a fort and a few snowmen. We went sledding and on walks.... but after a few days it begun to get inconvenient. Running errands was  risky, schools were canceled, gymnastics got canceled, garbage pick up was canceled, bible study got canceled, church services were canceled... basically life has been put on pause.

But then something wonderful happened. It rained! I have never been so excited to see the rain. The  rain melted all the ice and snow within 24 hours, and we couldn't not be more happy.

I don't know about you, but I am ready for spring now ;)

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William's 3rd Birthday

My dear sweet baby boy has turned three! I don't say sweet lightly, he really is sweetest three year old you will meet. I kept waiting for the "terrible twos" to come, but they never did. 
 Out of all my kids he LOVES cuddles, hugs and kisses. He will come up to me multiple times throughout the day to hug and kiss me. He melts my heart and I can't stop from smooching his chubby little cheeks 100 times a day. 

We had a lovely party to celebrate his birthday. William loves anything that screams BOY. Trucks, cars, trains, dinosaurs, boats... I can go on and on.  It is like he is programed to love this stuff. 
Don't get me wrong, we have plenty of girl toys around the house, but he could care less for dolls,  play food and anything else that isn't a “boy” toy. 
He is fascinated by fire trucks, ambulances and police cars. I am sure it has something to do with their  loud sirens. So this year we threw him a fireman party. He loved it! and I loved planning it.

People ask me why I throw big parties for my kids every year. Well, coming from a large family, I never had a birthday party as a child.  I never had a day to celebrate me. A day to be showered with attention.  It is something I vowed to myself I would do once I had kids of my own. So as long as I am able (financially) I will celebrate my children by showering them with attention, love, cake and presents. They will have a day that is all about them. 

Heres a peek into William's special day:

 -Happy birthday my sweet boy!-

brick back ground paper AMAZON
fire hydrant cupcake stand AMAZON 
check table cloth AMAZON
fire cake pics AMAZON 
Birthday banner AMAZON 
fire fighter candles AMAZON 
fire man party hats AMAZON
fire center piece AMAZON  
Fire truck paper plates AMAZON
cookie cutters AMAZON
fire man costume AMAZON