Russian Creamy Beet Salad with Walnuts

This is one of my favorite Russian salads. The combination of sweet beets, creamy mayo dressing and sharp taste of garlic, plus that wonderful crunch from the walnuts is the almost to good to be true. 
You can serve it as a salad or if you grate the beets finer, and serve it on bread as bruschetta. 
4 large beets 
1/4 cup walnuts (finely chopped)
3 garlic cloves (minced)
2 TB Mayo
salt and pepper to taste

Cook you beets. My favorite way and least messy to do this is to wash and wrap the beets individually in foil. 
Stick into the oven at 350 for 50-60 minutes until soft. 

Let them completely cool. ( I usually stick into the fridge for a few hours)

Peel the skin and grate. You need a thin julienne cutter like this or this

Add mayo, minced garlic, salt/pepper and chopped walnuts.

Give it all a good stir. 

Keep in the fridge until ready to serve. 

(You can make this salad in advance and serve the next day)


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  1. Girl, I am all over this! I love beets somethin' fierce and this looks insanely amazing.

  2. I love beets SO much! I"m not sure how I'll julienne then THAT thin, but I can't wait to try this! Thanks so much for sharing :) If you like beets check out this recipe

  3. I have to confess, I've never tried beets, but anything that pretty, with garlic added, can't be bad. I can definitely see how letting the flavors hang out together overnight in the fridge would make it even better. Thanks for sharing!

  4. While I love their gorgeous color, I have to admit I am not a fan of beets. I find they are a polarizing vegetable. You either love or hate. My mom happens to be a huge fan, I will share this with her as she is always looking for new ways to prepare them.

  5. Pinning this! We hopefully will have garden full of beats this year! Thank you for sharing this with us too!

  6. Can't wait to try this! I used to get a salad when we lived in Switzerland that had beets in it and have not been able to duplicate the taste since so I'm always on the hunt for new recipes. Thanks for sharing,

  7. Hey Rita I'm featuring your beets today at our party! Thanks for hanging out, have a great week!!