Honey Cake Russian Medovnik

This is one of my favorite Russian layer cakes! I actually have to control myself to have no more then 2 slices. I am sure if you try it, you will see what I mean. 
It makes a while to make, but it is so worth it in the end. 



1 can of condensed milk
3 eggs
2 TB honey
1/2 cup of butter

Cake layers:

2 eggs
3/4 cups of sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1 TB honey (heat in microwave for a few seconds until runny)
1/2 cup of butter
2 cups of flour

2 cups of walnuts


Make the cream: 

In a medium sized saucepan over medium heat, combine condensed milk, eggs, honey and butter. Stir constantly, as soon as the mixture comes to a boil. Remove from heat.
Transfer to a bowl and put in the refrigerator to cool down. 

Making the cake layers:

Preheat oven to 350

Beat 2 eggs with sugar, baking soda and warmed up honey.

Melt the butter in a medium sized pot and transfer the beaten mixture into the the pot.

Add the flour into the pot and stir until well combined. Remove from heat and cool. 

Once the dough has cooled, dip the dough in flour and slice into 6 even sections

Prepare 7 pieces of parchment paper (one for each layer and the scrapes)

Roll each section out on parchment paper.
Use a round cake pan and slice around (keep the scraps)

Keep all the scrapes and knead together and roll out (for the crumbing on the cake)

Bake each layer on parchment paper for 3-5 minutes

Until golden like so pictured bellow.

This is the scrapes:

In a food processor combine 2 cups of walnuts and rip apart that cake layer made out of the scrapes:

Process until the nuts and cake layer are finely chopped:

Spread the filling unto each layer and top and sides. 

Then sprinkle with the crumb mixture on top and press onto the sides

Refrigerate at least 12 hours. 
I like to make this cake atleast a day in advance before serving.

Leave out at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before serving. 


Hope you have a wonderful day,


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