Another weekend... another wedding...

We attended another wedding this weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and little Em was a flower girl. 
She sure felt special today, in fact she told me that "it was the best day ever" and "she felt like a princess". 
Aww, that gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, I am glad she felt like a princess, because she deserves to feel like one everyday of her life.

Weddings are tough with our little guy, he is so excited to explore and is always on the move. He will not sit still for one moment unless I strap him into the stroller. I keep telling myself, that this shall pass, and then I will miss seeing him so small and cute. 

This little man did great, he brought his toys and played quietly.
He missed his sister, in fact he kept hugging her when he saw her, which Em didn't enjoy very much. 

Em-- mom, he is squishing me
Me-- stop squishing your sister 
Nico-- but mom! I want to hug her!

Well, I don't blame him, I love hugs just as much as he does. 

Can we just take a moment and reflect how big my kids have gotten!! 
How!? When!? 
We can't stop the time, we can't slow it down, we can only enjoy everyday that we have together .

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Wedding time!

My cousins got married! I know its weird saying it like that, but cousin Katie from my Dads side of the family got married to my cousin Mat from my Mom's side of that family! 
So this wedding was almost like a family reunion for both sides of the family! Especially since the groom is from Germany and his whole family flew in. I haven't seen most of them in 16 years! (back when we were still little kids)

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. The bride was stunning. But I am not surprised, Katie is absolutely beautiful inside and out. She is such a kind and warm person. I am so happy for both of them, May the Lord abundantly bless them. 

Here are a few pictures from the special day. 

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Fall Home Tour 2015

Fall is here!!

It is one of my favorite seasons, well I think I actually love all 4 seasons equally. 
I live the the NW, which gets 4 very beautiful seasons. Just when I think that I could never tire of one season, I get that feeling of excitement of the next season just around the corner. It doesn't get old, there is always that feeling of anticipation in my heart. As the seasons change, I can not help but be reminded of how wonderful our God is. He made all of this around us. 

I do not do a lot of decorating for fall, but I do like to bring in fall colors to warm up the house and get the cozy feeling.  In the living room I changed my curtains and pillow covers. These curtains are a few years old, I am glad I kept them, I knew they would come in handy one day :) I put away my bright floral arrangements and decor and brought some neutral floral arrangements, fall decor and candles.

During these colder evenings,  our fireplace is warming the house and the candles are flickering, I can not help but get a warm feeling in my heart. I am so thankful for our cozy little house and my family to snuggle up with :)

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Pie Making....

I can not believe that today is October 1st!  I blinked and September passed by.  
I have been craving a homemade apple pie, and even bought  bunch of  apples on our trip to the farm a few days ago, however----our family eats a lot of apples and most were gone. I don't blame them, they were darn good. There is something about fresh farm apples. 

So we headed to a local farm which sells fresh picked apples and we bought a few different varieties.

How beautiful are these gala apples?!

We started on the pie as soon as we got home

A few little hands snuck some cinnamon covered apples while I went to throw some laundry in, I quickly covered it and stuck it in the oven. My house smelled heavenly. My neighbor stopped by for a visit and asked what I was baking... 

Gosh, what is it about apples, cinnamon and sugar..... YUMMY!!!!

Emily volunteered to take a picture of me.... AWKWARD

And the finished product: (the recipe for my pie is here)

Thanks for visiting and I hope your October is filled with apple pies, cinnamon and crunchy leaves....