Living Room - Summer

I wanted to share a few new touches in the living room for the summer. 
I brought in a more green into the living room with the cushions and I love how fresh it feels. It reminds me of summer, green grass and flowers outside. 

 I had to move this shelf out of the family room/den since it did not work with the new sectional, so I decided to leave it in the family room. 
It stores all of our dvds, photo albums, and the boxes store greeting cards we received, baby books, cds and other random things. 

As you can tell, I had to move all of the "breakables" up high out of reach for my one year old. He is a curious little guy, and likes to get his hands on all of mama's things, especially shiny and breakable things :). 

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Book Club #3- Five Languages of Love of Children

After reading The 5 Languages of Love by Dr. Chapman for our last book club,  We decided to read the one for children for our July book club meeting. 

The book describes in great detail each love language which is followed by a chapter on how to figure out what is your child's primary love language. After reading this book, I could see that my daughter's love language is quality time, she loves to spend one on one time with me, she asks to play board games, read to me, and go run errands with me. I could also see that my son's love language is gifts. He gets so excited when I get  him a little gift, it can be anything from a lollipop, to a small toy, he treasures them and puts them into his treasure box or is constantly carrying them around with him. 

Here are the five languages:

Quality Time- Your child feels most loved when you are  doing things with the kids, spending time and doing different activities with them.

Words of Affirmation- Your child feels most loved when you use positive words, praise, love notes, and affection to towards them. 

Gifts- Your child feels most loved when you give them gifts, little notes and cards. They usually proudly display their gift, or carry it around with them everywhere they go. 

Acts of Service- Your child feels most loved when you do things for them, it could be fixing their toy, making them a special snack, getting their things together for school, etc. 

Physical Touch- Your child feels most loved when you hug, cuddle, hold hands with them. With boys it could be wrestling, playing sports with them. 

I especially love that at the end of each chapter on the different love languages, it gives a list of suggestions and ideas on how to implement that love language into your child's life. Sometimes I need ideas, and this helps me out. 

Dr. Chapman goes to say that you should speak all love languages to your child, similarly you should never use a disciplinary method which attacks their primary love language. For example you would spank a child whose primary love language is physical touch or send a child to their room if their primary love language is quality time. It can really hurt your child's love tank. 

In chapter 7 it says, Speaking your childs primary love language helps her feel loved. When your child feels loved, when her emotional tank is full she will be more responsive to parental guidance in all areas of her life. She will listen without resentment. 

In the next chapter it discusses discipline, my favorite part which I highlighted:
"Contrary to what many people think, discipline comes from the Greek word "to train". Discipline involves the long and vigilant task of guiding a child from infancy to adulthood. The goal is that the child would reach a level of maturity that will allow him to one day to function as a responsible adult in society."

"To be effective in discipline, parents must keep the child's emotional love tank filled with love. In fact, discipline without out love is like trying to run a machine without oil."

I think that all parents could benefit from reading this book. When you understand your children, you can build stronger relationships as a family. 

Have you read this book?

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Dining Area Updates....

I am always trying to find ways to organize and make the most of my space. When we bought our home 9 years ago, the house seemed huge for just the two of us, but now we have 3 kids running around and every room is being utilized.  One of the spaces that really lacks storage and cabinet space, is my kitchen and dining area.  I have a lot of dishes, serve ware and glasses since we love entertaining and no place to put them. I actually had to store some things in the garage and bring them out when I needed to use them. It was really inconvenient and I had a hard time finding things. 

 I love going to IKEA to get ideas on organizing and getting the most out of your space, If you have every been in an IKEA showroom, you know what I mean. Every singe room will have storage, shelves, hooks and lots of other things to get the most out of your space. Well, I spotted one of these cabinets with glass doors at IKEA, I loved the look of it and I thought they would work well in my dining area. For the next few days I brainstormed and thought about these cabinets, I measured the space and figured they would work well, and my husband was on board and picked them up for me. 

Next he spent a few hours assembling them. He really does loves me :)

The cabinets fit a ton of dishes and yet they don't take up very much room because they are not too deep. I love that they are white, so they kind of blend into the walls. 

I love that I now have an actual space for my outdoor dishes, disposable dishes, napkins and linens. 
I believe that if everything has a place, then your house will be neat, tidy and easy to clean. 

Book Club #2- Five languages of Love

As you may know, I have started a book club with some friends, you can read about our first book  here.

June's book was The 5 Languages of Love by Dr. Gary Chapman. 

I actually had this book on my bookshelf since the day I got married, in fact someone gave it to us as a wedding gift 10 years ago. I am embarrassed to say I have never read it until now. 

I didn't think I needed marriage advice books, I thought I had everything figured out. But as I was going through my bookshelf, found it and decided to give it a try. 

I wish I read it sooner in my marriage, in fact, I wish I read it before I got married.  It opened my eyes to what my husband's love language is and what is mine. It made so many things make sense and fall into place. 

In the book Dr. Chapman, explains that we all have a love tank, which needs to be filled. 
Before you get married, the love tank is usually over flowing with love. 
He also talks about the "in love" feelings, and says that they usually only last about 2 years, after that you really need to work on the relationship. That is when you need to understand that love is a choice. It is a daily choice to put your spouse's interest before our own. 
Dr. Chapman talks about 5 different love languages in detail, I will just give a brief overview of them.

1. Words of Affirmation- This is your love language if you feel most loved and cared about when your spouse is expressive in telling you how wonderful you are and how much they appreciate you and everything you do. Compliments make you thrive. 

2. Quality Time- This is your love language if you feel lost loved when your spouse spends time with you. Fully there and focused on you. 

3. Receiving Gifts-  This is your love language if you feel most loved when your spouse gives you gifts. It can be as simple as getting you that box of chocolate he knows you like or picking some flowers for you. 

4. Acts of Service- This is your love language if you feel most loved when your spouse helps out with the chores around the house, cooking or watching the kids. In other words, you feel loved and taken care of when your spouse takes the time to make your life easier. 

5. Physical Touch- This is your love language if you feel most loved when your spouse gives you physical attention. It can be a hug, kiss, touch and sexual intimacy. 

Dr. Chapman says that Love is a choice, find your spouses love language and choose to show love to your spouse in that way. Its not about what YOU need to feel loved, its about what your spouse needs. 

I loved this book, I have read it twice so far and I will re-read it again when I need a little reminding.

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Family Room -- New Sectional

We got a new sectional for our family room! 

After spending hours online researching sectionals, I chose the Ektorp sectional from Ikea. 
I love my ektorp sofas in the living room, because they are so comfortable and easy to clean. 
I knew that this was the right choice for us. Plus the price tag is at least 1/2 price less then anything else I was looking at. I love that I can wash the slip covers, and I can completely change the look of the sofa with a different color slip cover. 

Our old sectional wasn't very old, but it was difficult to clean, I tried over 5 different upholstery cleaners and nothing worked ( I ended up having it professionally cleaned which cost $135!) However we eat and snack on this sofa when we watch TV, and that clean sofa did not last very long with three kids. 
The other thing that drove me crazy was the fact that some of the cushions were coming apart in the seams. It doesn't look all that bad in the picture below, But I would not recommend anyone buy this sofa. Unless you have no kids and plan on not having any food or drinks around it. 

Here is our family room/den area before:

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Happy 4th of July!

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful 4th of July. 


Independence Day Prayer

Lord, we stand today as our forefathers have stood before You in times gone by,
Celebrating our history and revelling in all the great things that our country has achieved.
On this day we rejoice in the favor You have graciously given us.
We thank You for the blessings of liberty, for this generation and for the generations to come.
We thank You for our independence, peace and for all those who have bravely given their lives in the defence of freedom and justice.
We thank You that Your gracious and provident hand has given us so much.

Yet as a nation and people we have not always chosen the right way.
We ask You to forgive us for these times.
On this day we commit ourselves to wholeheartedly honoring and serving You.
With everything that we are, we lay our lives before You.
Make us a generous people,
A holy nation,
A people set aside to love You forever,
For the sake of the land of the brave and free,
And the peoples and nations of this world.

Today, we do not presume Your grace for our country.
Our land is in need of You,
Our people are in need of You,
Our industry and business is in need of You.
May we look only to You
This Independence Day, dependent on You.

Please come now by Your glorious Holy Spirit,
Breathe new life into the sinews of this nation.
May justice flow like rivers,
And righteousness like a never failing stream,
Until the whole of our country is covered with Your glory,
As the waters cover the sea.

We ask all this in the wonderful name of Jesus,
Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit.
One God, now and for all eternity.

There is no place like home.....(the back yard)

They say there is no place like home. I completely agree. After a trip or vacation I am always to happy to be home. Nothing beats the comfort of your own home.

It has been hot lately, almost hitting 100! Our AC broke down last Sabbath, and we have felt first hand how horrible it feels to be indoors with no central air. I felt sticky and miserable all day. The only thing that made it bearable is sitting out in the yard in the shade or splashing around in the kiddie pool.

However, hubby fixed the problem the next day and the house was back to being a comfortable place to be. You never know what you have until you loose it, right?

With the sun shining we spend most of the day out in the back yard. As I said, nothing beats the comfort of your home. If we get to hot, we just come inside and cool down.

We spend a lot of time lounging in our patio, playing in our sand box, or splashing in the kiddie pool.  I love our back yard, it really has come a long way, if you are interested in seeing how it looked before we did any work on it, click here. Sure, I would love a bigger yard, perhaps an acre or two, and even a chicken coop and a large vegetable garden :), but I am happy with what we have right now and feel incredibly thankful.

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Book Club#1- Bringing up Girls

A few of my friends and I decided to start a book club. We are going to be reading books that can help us learn and grow spiritually and emotionally.

This was actually our book from May, and I am just getting around to posting about it.

I figured that since we all had daughters, Bringing up Girls would be a great book to start with.

I was able to take away so much information from this book. In fact, I love owning books because I can highlight, add sticky notes on everything I want to remember. My daughter is young, and I thought that this book would not apply, but it does, it really does! I also see myself re-reading it a few years down the road to remind myself, why girls act the way they do. 

As soon as our children can talk, we need to be teaching them the fundamentals of faith. Dr Dobson uses personal examples to show how this looked in his own family, and Scriptural examples of fathers who were great men of the faith—but failed to pass it on to their children. He also shares lots of studies and statistics. 

Throughout the book, Dr. Dobson is brutally honest about the challenges that today’s parents face in raising their children with Christian values. In fact, I really got scared about my daughter going into high school (which would be in about 10 years!) But Isaiah 41:10 quickly popped into my head :
Fear not, for I am with you; Do not be afraid for I am your God, I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. I know that with Gods help and with advice given by Dr Dobson, I can be armed with the knowledge to raise a wonderful, God fearing girl. 

Phillipians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Dr Dobson says that it is important to build relationships with kids from their earliest childhood. I can not agree with him more! Your sons and daughters must know that you love them unconditionally and that everything you require is for their own good.

 Dr Dobson covers the challenges our daughters face nowadays such as low self-esteem (wanting to be “beautiful” in the world’s eyes) Dr Dobson shows you how to help your daughter develop AND maintain a healthy body image, despite what society and the media want our girls to be.

He also talks about why girls (toddlers and teenagers) act the way they do (and how and why they’re different from boys). OMG, this part was so eye opening for me. 

He covers some points on how to teach girls to be ladies (basically manners and morals).

He also has a section in which he sat down with 16 college-age women and talked to them about their relationships with their fathers.  It was really enlightening, I also liked his chapter on “Why Daddies Matter” – for those dads who might not realize how significant they are in their daughters’ lives – how much of an influence they are in their lives. This part got me thinking about my relationship with my father, and how it has affected my life. 

Dr. Dobson is a Christian and therefore this book brings a lot of the word of God into the principles of raising your daughter to be a Godly woman.  But I do believe this is a book that could benefit anyone, especially if they’re needing advice on a difficult situation involving their daughter.  Dobson talks about culture, consequences, puberty, bullies and friends, and how to encourage a lifestyle of modesty (including the idea of a Purity Ball, which I love!).

I felt I was able to take away many helpful principles after reading this book.  There were some things I didn’t know or even realize, and many things I’ll be somewhat prepared for now that I’ve read about them. 
I am so excited to read more books that would help me become a better wife, mother and person, plus the fact that I have scheduled time to sit down with my friends and drink tea, have some dessert  together doesn't hurt at all ;)

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"Staycationing" at the Oregon Coast

Every summer we go to the Oregon coast for a little "staycation", we usually go to Seaside and stay at the World Mark Condos, this time we decided to try something new and rent a beach house in Lincoln City for a few days.

The house we stayed at was so beautiful, and I regret that I didn't get a chance to take any photos indoors. It had 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and a kitchen that I dream of. 

Wouldn't it be a dream come true to own a beach house like this one day?


The kids particularly liked the bunk bed room, not only to sleep in but also build forts.
I dont blame them, I would love to sleep on the top. 

Back in Portland it was 90 degrees, to our surprise it was high sixties in Lincoln City. Although it was "warm" enough, the wind was really strong. In fact, we didn't even need to blow bubbles, the wind did it for us, it was pretty funny, just pull out the wand and you have a ton of bubbles. 

We spent our time outdoors by flying kites, building sand castles and exploring the beach. 

During our walks on the beach, we found shells, starfish and even little crabs.