Our Dining Area

Welcome to our dining area

We don't have a huge house, so we do not actually have a formal dining room.
Which I love, since a fancy dining room would be a waste of space,
because we don't have fancy dinner parties.

My daughter plays at the dining table (usually on it) while I prep dinner.
I love how open it is to the kitchen.

I hope you guys like it:

Here is a the before, or actually the "during" remodel

I bought my table, chairs and bench at IKEA
It expands, so it is perfect for lots of family and friends

The chandelier is from overstock, and I have to say.. I LOVE it. I am so glad I found this and didn't settle on something from home depot.

Where the kitchen and dining area meet

(I still need to find some stools. I am thinking metal stools... hmmm..)

The curtains are from IKEA

They come 96 inches long,
I just hemmed them and created loops on the top to get this neat look:

Well, that concludes our dining room tour :)

Thanks for visiting.

Painting our Kitchen Cabinets

We recently remodeled our kitchen. We were on a tight budget, so to keep costs down we decided to paint our own cabinets.
It was a lot of hard work but certainly worth it.

Take a look at the before:


First thing we did, was take down all the doors and drawers and gave them a good sanding.
We sanded all the way down to the wood

We used a 80 grit and then a 180 to smooth out the wood using a mouse sander

We used this sprayer, which I have to say worked very great for the price
(the important thing is to clean it well after using)

First we put a coat of Valspar Latex primer using the sprayer

The spray gun gives a nice thin coat

While I was priming the doors, hubby was installing crown molding over the cabinets

First step:

2nd step:

The primer dries very quick, I was able to prime both front and back in a few hours:

Then we did two coats of Valspar Kitchen and Bath paint (color: blanched pine) , using the spray gun:

Its a good thing it was nice outside, so the doors could dry fast:

After the cabinet doors were drying, I taped off everything and sanded everything down.

So after sanding, I prepped my painting tray and primed and painted the cabinets using a foam roller and an angled brush:

I did one coat of primer and two coats of paint

Ok, now back to the cabinet doors.
After two coats of paint with the spray gun
you can see a slight wood grain, since with the spray gun, the paint didn't seep into the wood grain:

This is where I took my foam roller and rolled on a coat:

Much better:

Finally after everything was painted, I cleaned out all the cabinets and out
new contact paper in.

All the drawers and cabinets were organized

All the hard work pays off:

Just a FYI, we started this project on Sunday and hung up the cabinet door on Thursday.

I was painting the cabinets on my own, while taking care of two little kids.

So if I can do it, so can you!

Thanks for visiting. :)

Our Butcher Block Counters

As you may know, we just finished remodeling our kitchen. We were on a tight budget of $4,000 (that includes the appliances)

So when I was researching affordable options for counter tops, I saw this post, and I was in love. I loved the butcher block, I loved the stain on the counters, and I loved the under mount sink.

So after showing the post to my hubby, and doing a little bit of research, we decided to go with the IKEA Beech Counter Tops.

Unfortunately, our local IKEA did not have any in stock. So we had to go on a road trip to Seattle to pick the counters up.
For our kitchen we got one piece that was 49" X 25" ( for $89)
and two pieces that were 73" X 39 " ($195 each)

We did almost everything the same as Vanessa at This and That,

We started out with measuring our counters.

Here is the thing, We did not take off our counter tops until right before we were ready to install the new counter tops. We just got very precise measurements and worked on the butcher block counters.
I saw posts where people took off their counters and were without a kitchen sink for days or even weeks. Yeah, I was not going to have that. I told my husband, NO WAY!

So back to the measurements, hubby and brother in law measured once, twice and three times, until they were sure and then they finally cut the counter tops.

They used table saw to cut the straight lines and a skilsaw to cut the sink hole.
(this is where I do not have pictures :( sorry)

Next they sanded everything down.
Just like Vanessa at This and That said, a belt sander is very important. Especially since we had to finish the edges and the under mount sink hole.

After everything was sanded down (trust me, this was not a one day thing. My hubby and brother in law worked on cutting and sanding the counters a little at a time after work for about 2 weeks. The wait and anticipation nearly drove me crazy.

But finally The counters were ready for staining and sealing.

First we wiped down the counters with tact cloths and applied a coat of wood conditioner with a old rag.

We left the wood conditioner over night.
The next day, we applied a coat of stain:

We applied it with staining pads. I tried regular brushes and foam brushes, but didn't like the outcome.
With the staining pads, I could control how much stain I had on it by squeezing the access out.
The important thing is to start at one end and go in a straight line all the way across to have even stain.

We let the first coat dry for 2 days and then did another coat.
After 2 coats of stain, I lightly sanded the counters and wiped everything down.

Then I sealed the counters using waterlox (with staining pads), which I had to buy on Amazon, since no place near me carries it.

After 5 coats of waterlox, We let the counters dry and cure for 4 days.

After the sealant dried, we installed the under mount sink using the clips that came with it and some clear adhesive

We bought the sink at Home Depot
The faucet is from Lowes

Then the day finally came around when we could rip out those old nasty laminate counters and put in our beautiful butcher block counters.

It only took a hammer to rip them out!

Then we installed the new counter tops using these, which came with the counters:

Hubby put some clear adhesive in all the edges and creases.

Here is a close up shot of a edge we had to finish with a belt sander, I think it looks pretty close to the original edge.

And that wraps it up!! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :)

And just because I can not resist, here a few more shots of the counter tops:

Thank you for visiting :)


We all want to start out the holiday season just right, in other words the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Because, just right around the corner there is Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, spending time with your family. All while listening to Christmas music. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

So once Thanksgiving rolls around, everyone gets busy planning, shopping, chopping and roasting. After spending hours in the kitchen, It is almost sad how fast we inhale our food.

But lets not forget what this days stands for

We come together to to give thanks to out God for our blessings this year.

So what have you been blessed with?

I have been blessed with my wonderful family

I have been blessed with a home to live in

I have been blessed with clothes to keep us warm this winter

I have been blessed with a husband who works hard to support his family

I have been blessed with health

I have been blessed with food on my table every day

The list can go on and on...

I thank my God every day for everything he has blessed me with. Because without him I would have nothing.

I hope you all have had a blessed Thanksgiving. :)

Kitchen Tour

Welcome to my kitchen!

I am so excited to share it with you guys, We did all the work ourselves, so we are very proud of it. I still can not believe that it is the same kitchen. Take a look at the before and you will be surprised to.

Here is the before pic:

We painted the kitchen cabinets ourselves, You can see a full post on that here

The knobs and handles are from IKEA

The butcher block counters are also from IKEA
You can find a post on the counters here

My hubby and his brother tiled the kitchen

I absolutely love the subway tile

I love my new faucet

The sink it amazingly big and deep

Open shelving is from IKEA

I hope you guys enjoyed the kitchen tour

Thanks for visiting