Button Storage

Here is a cute and free way to store your buttons

in baby food jars:

What are some ways you have recycled baby food jars?


Picnic Bridal Shower

My little sister is getting married this month!!

As you can see bellow, I come from a large family (6 girls & 1 boy)

We threw my sister a vintage inspired picnic bridal shower

Here are some pics I wanted to share:

Here are the girls of the family:

From the left: Yana, Me, Mary (the bride), Kristina, Julie, Annette

Me and my sweet little sister AKA: The bride:

We had a long buffet table with lunch, desserts and drinks, Then we spread blankets and threw some throw pillows on the ground for eating and lounging:

We made the bunting ourselves, we used sheets as table cloths:

The drinks:

We personalized the water bottles:

(my mom did not have a pastry bag (shocking) so we had to frost old school, with a knife)

I made the tiered tray out of some plastic dishes and a candle stick:

We love our seven layer bars:

The lemon poppy seed bundt cake was so yummy:

Our simple centerpiece cake:

It would not be a party without cake pops!

My sister made some yummy cranberry scones:

Little pouches of cherries, so cute and practical for a picnic:

Potato chips
We made the bags out of freezer paper:

Some colorful veggies with ranch dip, also very practical for a picnic:

For lunch we had eggplant and turkey sandwiches each individually wrapped:

A few more pics of the table:

We had some music, the radio was so cute!

One of the games we played was splitting up into 3 groups and creating a bridal gowns, my sister the ( aka the bride) was the judge, she picked the wining team.

Off course we did a runway walk
(what can I say, we all have a little project runway spirit in us)

Opening presents:

The beautiful couple

May God Bless Them!!

I can not wait until their wedding!!!

Pillowcase dress

Summer= cute dresses

Here is a pillow case dress I made for my daughter

(it isn't actually made from a pillowcase, but it follows the same concept)

If you are interested in how I made the dress, then read on:

Cut 2 pieces of fabric:
These measurements are for a size 3-4T.

Put the fabric with the right sides together
Then fold in half
Use a bowl to create the arm holes:

Like this:

This is how it will look once you open the fabric up:

Pin the edges together and sew:

Open and iron both seams:

Next, take some bias tape and apply to the armholes:
(I made my own bias tape using this tutorial)

This is how your dress should look like now:

Next you need to fold and iron down the top to create a casing for the ties :

I used bias tape for the ties, but you can also use coordinating ribbon if you want.

Sew the bias tape shut:

Insert the bias tape into the casing you made (both in the front and back)
Tie the ends together, you can adjust it later when you put the dress on your little one:

Next hem the bottom:

All done!

Enjoying Summer:

Catching butterfly's:

Have a Happy Summer Day!

Chocolate Cake Pops

I usually make white cake pops, this time I decided to make chocolate ones:

Dark chocolate... Yum!

Some for the adults and some for the kids:

So pretty:


To make your own cake pops, see this post for a step by step tutorial

Nicholas is 8 months old!

My little baby is growing so fast, he is already 8 months old!
He is the most adorable little guy you will ever meet
(off course I am being biased, he is my baby)

Now lets do some updates:

He is now officially crawling with his stomach off the floor
He pulls himself up (in the crib or against the couch or chair)
He has 8 teeth (4 on bottom, 4 on top)
He loves attention (what baby doesn't?)
He takes 2 naps a day
We are still breast feeding
Cloth diapering (goes through about 8 diapers a day)
He eats solids during our meal times and snacks (puffs, cookies) on the go
He drinks water from a sippy cup
He loves to talk, says things like DA DA, BA BA... Can't wait till he says MA MA.

I love my little man

Happy 8 months Nicholas !