Christmas House Tour 2016

Welcome to our winter house tour

I love how our cozy our home is right now with all the candles and twinkle lights. 
What is it about christmas lights? Something about them just draws us in. when it is dark and gloomy outside during the long winter days, we are naturally drawn to what little light we can find, and when they are tiny little twinkle lights, well that just makes us warm and cozy inside. 

This is a special season. My favorite time of the year. A time when we slow down and spend time with the ones we love. A time to spread God's love to people around us, a time to be thankful and a time to give. 

May the Lord bless you all this holiday season. 

 It may be dark and gloomy outside, but inside it is warm and cozy. 

 Thanks for visiting, 


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