Gardening with the kids...

Emily goes back to school tomorrow after a wonderful spring break. Her backpack is hanging downstairs, her pencil box is filled with new sharpened pencils and a fresh new eraser. Lunch is packed, and the dress she chose to wear tomorrow is folded on her dresser. As think about our spring break, I can't help but smile. Although, we didn't get to go on a family vacation, as I hoped we would, we still managed to have a nice spring break, filled with memories. We went to the zoo, the tulip farm, family bike rides, parks, multiple frozen yogurt runs and so on.  We spent the rest of the time we had in our back yard, the kids came up with new games daily, they were pirates one day and pioneers the next. As I watch them play, I can't help but think back to my childhood. I was blessed to grow up in a large family, we didn't have a TV, so most of our time was spent in pretend play. I remember hauling tons of toys outside and setting out our "houses" or "stores".  

Since we have been spending so much time outside, it was time to spruce up the yard. I loaded the kids into the SUV this morning and headed not to one, but two home and garden stores in order to get everything on my list. While the kids and I planted our garden, hubby built shelves in the shed and organized it. We brought out all our patio things and set everything up. The yard looks so great now, and we are looking forward to spending a lot of time out here. 

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Visit to the tulip farm...

We went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival today. The last time we went, I was pregnant with Nicholas, which was over 5 years ago. Every year we have wanted to go, or should I say "I" have wanted to go, but something always came up, anything from no free Sundays, or non stop rain. Plus, this is not something my husband likes to do. He considers it "boring",  but I told him that we haven't been in years, we can take some pretty pictures and well your wife wants to go. LOL, I don't know which did it, but he finally agreed. We beat the crowd by leaving right after breakfast, and after about an hour, we were there. It was such a beautiful day, sunny and 75 degrees. There were 40 acres of tulips, absolutely stunning.

-We met a couple at the farm with 2 young kids, they offered to take our family picture and we returned the favor. We joked  about how we have to 100 pictures in order to get 10 good ones. Very true. Most of our pictures turn out something like these two pictures-

-But, I always keep a few "out takes", because life isn't "perfect" and I want to remember everything. Even the struggle of having a two year to stand still for 5 seconds. -

-Our family- love this picture because everyone is looking in the "direction" of the camera :) -

-My darling girl-

-Can you believe this pose?? I can't stop smiling. This is my boy who hates taking pictures, I can't believe I got a smile and a head tilt :) -

-Nico worked really hard on getting this rusty tractor started, however he had no luck-

-Always running away and looking back to me to make sure I chase him, If I am not, he comes back and tries again :) -

-These tulips are huge! Almost as tall as William-

-Pink John Deere!!! I want one on my "imaginary farm"-

-Tractor ride-

-Cute dutch kids :) -

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