Cake Pops

We love cake pops. What is not to love? Tiny little cakes, with bright colors and pretty sprinkles. What can I say? I am a child at heart :)

Here is how I make mine:

Bake a box cake according to the package directions. 

Once the cake is cool, tear it up into pieces and put into your standing mixer:

Turn the mixer on and crumble the cake until it resembles course breadcrumbs:

Next you need some frosting:

I use half of the can:

Turn the mixer on again and beat until the mixture turns dough like:

Prepare a cookie sheet covered with freezer paper.

Take the dough and roll into small balls like so:

Line them all onto your prepared sheet:

Next, stick them into the freezer for about 10 minutes:

Next you need lollipop sticks and candy melts.
(I get mine at Walmart in the party aisles where all the cake decorating things are. The lollipop sticks are $1.75 and the cake melts are $2.49)

Take a little bit of the candy melts (about a 1/4 cup) and melt:

Swirl one end of the lollipop stick in the melted candy:

And stick in the center of the balls:

All done.
Stick back into the freezer for about 20 minutes:

After the 20 minutes is up:

Melt the rest of your candy melts
Prepare a Styrofoam
Prepare any sprinkles you will be using
Next I just swirled the cake pop in the candy melts:

And tapped off the access:
(if your candy melts get hard just stick them back into the microwave for a couple seconds)

Then I just dunked them in the sprinkles while they were still wet:

Pretty :)

Poke each stick in your styrofoam to dry standing up:

They dry really quick, then I just moved them into a vase.
I like to eat them cold, so I store them in the fridge.

Enjoy :)

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