He's got this.

Life is so beautiful.

It's not always easy, but it is beautiful nonetheless. We all go through trials in life, and we will keep going through them until we learn whatever we are meant to learn from each one. 
Trials are not a bad thing, and we should not fear them. Trials purify us. They make us better, stronger, smarter, kinder, etc.. 

There have been times when I have gotten so busy with life, that when I suddenly looked around and feel like I am drowning. I was struggling to do it all myself and when that didn't work,  I would get frustrated and upset. It's during those times, I have to remind myself, that God has got this.

He knows everything, and everything that happens in our lives, happens for a reason. It may be a stepping stone for something big in the future, it may be a trial that we have to endure to make us a better person. It may be a chance to help another person in need and show them God's great love. 
 Once that clicks, you start seeing things in a different way. Your world gets calm. You no longer feel like you are trying to control a little dingy on a stormy ocean, because you know that God has got this. 

Trusting God is easy until it comes to the point where you really want things to go a certain way. I have noticed this with myself many times. When I really want something to happen, I pray and try to shape things in my life a certain way so it happens. That is not trust. That is manipulation. And I am guilty of doing that many times. I don't always realize I am doing this until I feel stressed and worried. Thats when I realize I have been trying to manipulate things to happen in the way I want. When we trust God completely, we know He will take care of us weather things go as we want or not. We understand that everything that happens in our lives, happens for a reason. 
And that feeling we get in our hearts?  Oh, it is the most amazing feeling. 
You suddenly realize that you are not on my own. God cares so much about you. You are his child, and like any father, He wants the best for his child. So when you say you trust God in a certain trial in life, Do you have that peace in your heart? The feeling you get when you know that God's got this?

Life is beautiful. Life is short. Enjoy every moment. Don't spend it worrying, stressing or trying to control everything yourself. Give God a chance to show you that He's got this. 

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