Cherry Picking Season

I grew up in a large family, and some of my favorite memories was going to u-pick farms with my 7 siblings. We had so much fun racing around the fields, playing tag, hide and seek and off course picking some berries (most of them went into our tummies, but I think we did mange to help once we were a little older). Not only did we go to berry picking, but we also picked tomatoes, bell peppers, walnuts, apples, peaches and so on. We live in the NW, so there are an abundance of u pick farms, so whatever was in season, we picked in bulk. 
My mom then would can, pickle and freeze whatever we didn't eat. I think I get my love for the country side from those memories.  The sweet smell of hay, the beautiful country roads, the stunning views and the peace and quiet. 

 Last week we went cherry picking. The kids LOVED it! Climbing trees and ladders, eating the delicious cherries, feeding the goats and chickens. We certainly made a lot of our own memories today to. 

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