Our first Summer Vacay of 2017!

Ah. Summer. How we have missed you!
Sunshine, sleeping in, pool days, and nothing to do. It doesn't get any better then that. 

We decided to kick off our summer break with a little vacation. We drove to Central Oregon and stayed at the Sunriver Resort. It was ah-ma-zing! I can't tell you enough how good it was to spend so much time with the family. My husband works 6 days a week, 12+ hours a day running and managing his business. So to be able to spend 5 days together with him was such a blessing. 
We got so much sun, spent at least 5 hours a day at the pool, and ate so much good food. 

-We stopped by the ice cream shop every day after dinner-

-William loved this treasure chest I got him from Melissa and Doug
he kept hiding it and going back to find it over and over again. Such a great water toy. 

-Emily, always the big and protective sister. 

-Taking mom's "mandatory" 10 minute break, drying off and reapplying sunscreen. 

-Trying to get this little guy to take a break was a bit more challenging. Especially when daddy took him to the deep end and he would always attempt to run off and jump in. 

-So happy these three have each other. Playing together, fighting together and then playing together again. 

-Sunriver village has a great toy shop, which we stopped by after dinner almost every day. 
Yeah, the kids got spoiled this week. 

-Memory game and lunch. I don't know how she always wins!

-Ice cream every day-

-Out shopping for some souvenirs-

-So happy-

-Out to dinner with the family-

-We clean up nice after all day at the pool-

-my darlings

-A trip to the horse ranch-

-Nico loved the pony rides, he was so gentle with the pony. 

-Happy girl, she loves horses-

-Beautiful memories made to last a lifetime- 

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