Welcoming spring with open arms

Such a sweet word. Especially after the brutal winter we have had. I have lived in the NW for 25 years, and I believe that we have had a record breaking winter. Wettest, Coldest and snowiest. 
Well that is over and done with now and I am so thankful. 
After all the rain and snow, we are experiencing the most beautiful spring. As the trees awake from their slumber and spring flowers begin to bloom, it makes my heart sing with joy. 
How great is our God!

We started our spring break with a trip to the capital of Oregon, it is surrounded by the most beautiful cherry blossom trees. We strolled the grounds, the kids ran wild and free and we went out for lunch. 
It was such a beautiful day. We are so excited for the upcoming warmer days. Hopefully we can pack our winter coats away for good and pull out our sandals soon. 

We are tourists in our own back yard. There is always so much to see. 
 As good as a trip to a sunny island somewhere sounds right about now, it is just now doable right now for many reasons,  so this spring break, we will go on little trips near us whenever daddy can take a few extra hours off work, and we are pretty happy about that. 

 I hope you all have/had a great spring break and enjoy the sunshine. 

Thanks for visiting, 


  1. Spring sure looks prettier where you are! We still have lots of snow but hoping a good portion of it melts with today's warmer temps and sunshine! Enjoy your spring weather!

    1. oh my! We had an unusual amount of snow this year to, and I will be happy not to see any for a few years. Looking forward to warmer days.

  2. Wow, simply beautiful! I love visiting your site, Rita. You are very inspiring woman. I love reading your posts, here in your blog and also in your IG. You are very blessed and you have a beautiful family. Enjoy your spring!

    1. Aw thank you so much. I am really looking forward to warmer days and working in my garden.

  3. Beautiful pictures :) I love the spring as well, not so much the winter season :/ I guess after living in Portland for almost 7 years all you want is sunny pretty days :)

    1. yes, after our long winter this year, I am so happy for warmer days.