Trusting God through our seasons of life

Last week we took a road trip (do you call an hour drive a road trip?) to a tulip farm. 
I adore tulips. Probably because they are one of the first spring flowers to bloom. Something so beautiful pushes it's way through the cold, hard dirt and within a 2-3 weeks they are bursting with different colors signaling to us that the season has changed. 
Did you know that tulips need to be in the cold dirt for at least 15 weeks? You can’t just plant tulip bulbs in February and expect to have them bloom in March. That’s not how it works, tulips require a long period of cool temperatures to spark the biochemical process that causes them grow strong roots and flower. This reminds me of our lives. Sometime we have to go through some “cold” times in order to flower. 

God is omniscient. He knows exactly how much rain and sunshine we need to get. He knows exactly when to change the seasons over in nature just as he does in our lives, because not only do seasons happen in our climate, but they also happen in our lives.
We may need to go through some hard times (winter) where we may feel desperate and tired and wonder how much more “cold” can we endure. But God knows your capacity. 
Winter will end and spring will come. 
You will see all kinds of growth and blessings in your life. You can’t rush the next season to come, just as you can’t stay in one season forever. 
You need to trust God because he knows you. He knows what is best for you. 

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” (Eccl. 3:1).

 I am so encouraged to see God's grace and blessings in my life.
When I learned (well, still learning everyday) to trust God, I felt a heavy burden lifted from my chest. I don’t have to carry this burden with me anymore. God knows exactly what I am going through, and I have learned to trust His timing and live by his strength and grace just as I hope you can to. 

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