Easter 2017

This year, Resurrection Sunday was very special to me, more meaningful because I finally understood the ultimate price Jesus Christ paid for us. 
As some of you may know, I have been attending BSF bible study and we have been studying the gospel of John this year. I have read the bible from cover to cover before, but to take time to study one book for 9 months in meticulous detail was very eye opening to me. I learned new things every single week, and that is a lot to say because I grew in a Christian family, but I learned more in the past few months then I did in my whole life. 
I think this is because I approached bible study with a open heart. I admitted to God that I don't know everything. I admitted that I am confused and I need guidance. Once my heart, eyes and ears were open for the truth, He began to show me and guide me. 

The words: Jesus said “I am the way, and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)  had new meaning to me. I saw that in this statement Jesus declares the reason for His birth, death and resurrection - to provide the way to heaven for us (sinful humans) We could NEVER get there on our own. No amount of good works & keeping the Commands (laws) could ever get us into heaven. I felt instant relief after finally understanding this.  Before, I wasn't sure weather or not I was saved, because I never felt that I was good enough. 
But through bible study and the group of amazing, God fearing women, God showed me that I am human. I am never going to be good enough. That’s the whole reason He died for me. He became the ultimate and final sacrifice for my sins as well as yours.

On Easter, we celebrate Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, as well the complete verification of all Jesus preached and taught during His three year ministry. If He had not risen from the dead, then he would have just been considered another teacher or rabbi. However, His resurrection was proof that He really was the Son of God and He had paid the price for our sins. 

On Saturday we attended a Easter service, where the pastor preached about the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection. I couldn't help but nod and smile as tears filled up my eyes. I felt the Holy spirit working and I was so thankful to finally get it. I finally understood everything Jesus did for me. As people may say, It finally clicked. During the worship songs, I couldn't keep the tears of joy from flowing down my face. I was so thankful for everything my God has done for me. 

On Sunday, We had an easter egg hunt for the kids (the eggs were filled with some coins //for their piggy banks// and some chocolate coins) I also bought them metal buckets (which will be used for berry picking this year) which I filled with some chocolates and small gifts. I know this is completely unnecessary and has little to do with the true meaning of Christ’s resurrection, but Holidays bring us together. We have time off work and I love organizing and prepping fun things for us to do. I loved seeing the joy on their faces as they ran around outside.

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  1. Every time I stop by your blog I always have the same thought "Wow she is going to have some amazing family photos to look back on". It always makes me sad that I don't have any (single mom of 4 for 10 years) I was always to "busy" for photos. So even though mine are teenagers you are inspiring me to start talking pictures with them. It is never to late :-) Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. So glad to hear that you are growing in the depth of your understanding of what Jesus has done for you and for all who believe in His saving grace through his sacrificial death and resurrection. May He grow sweeter everyday for you!