Christmas 2016

Hello my dear friends, I hope you all had the merriest of Christmases!

We had a very quiet and low key Christmas at home. After opening our presents, we stayed home all day playing with our new toys (ahem.. meaning 90 % of my time was spent putting the toys together and 10% playing with the kids). 
I then prepared a delicious Christmas dinner and the rest of the evening was spent watching Christmas movies, I couldn't have asked for anything more. 

On Christmas eve we attended church and the kids were in the Christmas pageant, which was the cutest thing ever. I wish I had my camera to record Nico bowing and blowing everyone kisses at the end. Seriously, that kid thinks the whole world revolves around him :) He certainly made the congregation laugh.   Later that evening, we ate takeout and watched the Nativity Story
I love watching the Nativity this time of the year, It gets us thinking of the real reason for this Holiday. I feel humbled and thankful for the greatest gift this Christmas, the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.

Wishing you many blessings this season,


  1. Sounds like a perfect Christmas. Your children are so adorable! I really love your trees--the tabletop and your Christmas tree. Can you share where you got them? They're beautiful!