Living for Him....

I recently had an opportunity to meet an amazing and selfless woman. Every month she opens her house to young married women, and ministers to them, just as Titus 2:3-5 teaches us.

She has been ministering for 12 years now. She talks about how we should love our husbands and children, how to be graceful, and thankful in everything, how to dwell on the good and get rid of all bitterness in our lives. 

It was such an amazing evening that the time flew by way to fast. I could listen to her speak for hours. 

As stay at home moms, we may sometimes feel that our work is not important. But the bible says that it is God's will for us to minister to our children and husband before anyone else. 
We are to raise our children with all our hearts, and raise them for God's glory.


Last week I had a thought on my mind all week long. Why did God put all of these people on earth? Are we here to live for ourselves? To be selfish and do what ever we please? Is that really why God made us? NO, He is the king. He put us on this earth to glorify Him. To live for Him. Everything is for Him. We raise our children for Him, we honor our husband for Him. 
We are on this earth for such a short while, why not live for Him while we have the opportunity. 



  1. Beautiful post Rita. I needed this reminder.

  2. He loves us so well! What an opportunity we have to shower love on those He has placed in our lives! May you all be experiencing that love!