Its the most wonderful time of the year...

This is truly the most wonderful time of the year. I love everything from the Christmas music to decorating the house. 

 My kids were so excited to decorate the tree this year, they kept asking me for days if it was time yet. This year I gave them free rein with the decorating.   All I did was string the lights on and put the hooks on the the ornaments for them. Emily (my 8 year old) and Nico (5 year old)  brought a step stool and did a great job arranging all the ornaments on the tree.  William (my two year old) was  excited to help out to, watching him carefully take the ornaments from my hands and and run to the tree and find the perfect branch for it melted my heart. My little baby is growing up to fast. Off course, he ended up hanging 5 ornaments on one branch, but I didn't even mind. 

The kidos are growing up so fast, all I can do is love them, treasure them and bless them every day. 
I may not be able to give them all the "things" I would like to, but I can give them precious memories. 

Last night we decided to take a spontaneous trip to the grotto.
Bundled up and with warm drinks in hand, we walked though the paths and took in all the lights, we watched two different choirs perform, and outdoor puppet show and some animals at the petting zoo, including a real live camel! 

It was a beautiful night and a perfect way to kick off this holiday season. 

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