Fall Crafting

We have had a lot of rain here in the NW. In fact it almost seems like it has been coming down non stop for the past few weeks. The days are getting shorter, it is getting darker and we are spending more and more time in the house. A few things the rainy days are perfect for are crafting with the kids, reading books and watching family movies with a big bowl of popcorn. We rarely do that in the summer time, because if it is warm and light outside, the kids are always outside. 

A few days ago we decided to paint some pumpkins and leaves. I think William was the most excited, He kinda couldn't believe that mama was letting him paint. We usually only paint during his nap time, but I decided he is old enough now. He did such a great job, and only got the paint on his fingers and nowhere else. With a 2 year that is huge success! 

On the next day, when our pumpkins dried, we embellished them. I have to say, they turned out so pretty.

What are some of your favorite things to do on cold rainy days?


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