Visiting Multnomah Falls

Last week was the last full week of summer break, I had plans. Big plans, however all the plans got canceled once the kids got the stomach flu, The most dreaded form of sickness in our house.
 So instead of going on our last few summer adventures, we stayed home and recovered from our flu. 

Once the kids were better, we decided we needed to get out of the house. Somewhere outside for some much needed fresh air. Visiting Multnomah Falls sounded like a great idea, and we weren't disappointed. The lush greenery, beautiful falls, the views we saw. It was all worth the drive.  

I am always in awe when I look up at the water crashing down. It is all so beautiful. 

-Nico cracks me up in this picture :)-

-William wasn't keen on being strapped to a stroller, he much rather be jumping into the waterfall-

-always ready to share-

-how gorgeous is this view? I can't believe it is real-

Thanks for visiting, 


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