Summer is fleeting by...

Summer is my most anticipated season of the year. Everything revolves around summer. We count down the days until school ends, we count down the days until 4th of July, until we have friends over for barbecues, play dates, swimming, trips to the beach.  We assume that we will have more time in the summer. Because we are on "summer break". But the harsh truth is we don't. We still have 24 hours in a day just like we do in October or January. The same amount of days in a month and the time flies by just as fast.

Its hard to believe that summer is almost over. School is starting next week and I am not ready. I am not ready to say goodbye to summer, I am not ready for the busy mornings and to be away from my two older kids for 6 hours during the day.

We have been trying to cram in as much summer activities as we can. Last night we camped in our back yard, roasted marshmallows over a campfire and stayed up way to late. This morning after a big breakfast of pancakes piled high with fresh berries, we decided to go on a bike ride. We tried out a new trial, and it was breath taking. It is all paved, which is great for the kidos. There are little brooks and streams running besides it, which made great resting points. The kids learned to skip rocks, and cooled off in the shade of the trees.

Now I am going to try and not think about school starting next week, I am planning to enjoy this last week on Summer break.

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