Hawaii Getaway..

I am turning the big THREE OH this month and to celebrate, hubby and I decided to take a extended weekend getaway to Maui.  Without the kids. Now understand this, I have NEVER  even left them overnight before, let alone for a few days, so this was BIG. I felt all kinds of emotions, I felt excited, I felt guilty, I felt worried, I felt anxious.... Basically I was a basket case the entire week leading up to our trip. 

We left the kids with my sister (so off course I knew that they were in good hands). The kids were thrilled, they love having sleepovers with their cousins. They were even counting  down the days until they could go to their cousins house.

I will admit that it was very difficult to leave my babies for 4 nights. They were constantly on my mind, I face timed them, kept calling and texting my sister to check up on them and talked about them to anyone who would listen. I would open my photos on my phone and look at the pictures of them, you would think that I was away for a month.  On the 4th day, I was already counting the hours until I could see them and even told my husband that I am never leaving them again.

This trip was ALOT different then any of our other trips we have taken. 

1. For starters, we had 1 suitcase. One! it fit both of my husbands, and my things, a camera, laptop, and had room to take gifts home in. After always having to pack so much with the kids, I kept thinking that this cant be it. I must have forgotten something. But we didn't, in fact, I packed to much as always and didn't even wear everything I packed. 

2. I got to read on the plane. We live on the west coast, so although we have a short 5 hour direct flight to Hawaii, its still 5 hours of sitting in one seat. So having to be able to nap and read on the plane was amazing. If you have ever flown with little kids, you know how hard it is. The entire time, you are trying to keep the kidos comfortable and happy, pulling out little toys, snacks, ipads, anything. I even let William play with my makeup and brushes on our last trip just to buy another 10 minutes of him sitting still. Oh, and changing diapers in the tiny little bathroom? Come on! who's baby actually fits on that changing table? 

2. We rented a convertible mustang, which was a huge change from the usual bulky SUV we rent. This thing was tiny, and I fulfilled my dream of driving in a convertible in Hawaii. Oh, we didn't have to haul car seats with us! Thats a first. As we were waiting for the Avis bus to pick us up from the airport, there was a couple in front of us. They had two kids an airport cart full of suitcases, carseats and a stroller. It reminded me of every other vacation we have ever been on. I kept looking at our one suitcase and kept thinking, this is probably just a dream, I cant believe this is real. 

3. You know the “lounge” chairs by the pool? Well, we actually got to “lounge” on them. On a few occasions, we even fell asleep on them. It really  felt like we were on vacation. 
If you have any kids, then you know that going to the pool or the beach is a hectic and a exhausting event. By the time I get everyone in their swim suits, slather sunblock on them, get all the gear packed I am already tired. And when we finally make it to the pool, there aren’t any “lounge” chairs left, and if we do happen to find one near the kiddie pool, I end up dumping all the gear on it and spend the rest of the time watching the kids like a hawk. 

4. I didn't take as many photos as I usually do. I want to document everything for my kids. They each have their own photo albums and then we also have family albums. So I am constantly snapping pictures of them. I cant help it. I find them adorable. They are all very photogenic. When I ask my husband to take a picture of my with the beautiful palm trees behind me, I am like WTH is this? I look horrible. I am not photogenic at all. I look awkward and clumsy…. I only look good when my kids are in the pictures with me. Plus I feel weird posing for a picture on my own, I need someone by my side….. Does anyone else feel this way?

4. It felt like my husband and I went on 3 dates a day. It truly was amazing to be able to have so much time to ourselves. We got to wake up early, and go on morning jogs, have breakfast together. Go shopping, explore the city, and we even went horseback riding in the mountains.  Oh, and I can’t forget the dinner dates. I got to go on 4 dinner dates with my hubby. We watched the sunset, ate amazing food and actually had conversations together.  We talked about how far we have come, how blessed we are..... and how much we missed the kids.

Yep, it was a great RELAXING getaway. It was the only vacation since our honeymoon 11 years ago, where I didn't feel like I needed a vacation after coming home from a vacation, it certainly is a trip I will remember for a long time. 

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  1. It's good to hear that you had fun :) You deserve it and you are lucky you have a sister that you can trust to leave your kids with :)