Dahlia Festival

I love gardening, even though I don't know very much about it. One thing I love planting and growing are flowers. I dream of one day having a "secret" garden. Little paths leading through different varieties of flowers and shrubs, with a bench here and there for curling up with a book. Doesn't that just sounds dreamy?
 But until that time comes, I enjoy visiting flower farms. Recently, my sister and I visited a dahlia farm. It was my first time ever going there and I was amazed at all the beauty. They have 360 varieties of dahlias on 40 acres. I never would have imagined that there would be so many different types of dahlias. 

We made a "play date" out of it, we had one day before school started and decided to do something a little different. We strolled the grounds, took some pictures and then went out to lunch. 
One of the things the kids enjoyed doing is reading the names of the dahlias, because alot of them have silly names like: tootles, hockey pokey, blah blah blah, bedhead and cabana banana. 

This is something I will be looking forward to coming to every year now, I can't pass the opportunity to see so much beauty, and if you are ever in Portland in August, you should definitely take a trip to the Swan Island Dahlias farm. 


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