County Fair 2016

The county fair is one of our most anticipated summer activities. The kids start counting down the days until it gets here, talking about all the rides they are going to go on this year, and all the prizes they are going to win. I love how we have started this yearly tradition with them.
I just went back and looked at my last two posts to the fair in 2015 and 2014
Oh how fast time does fly. We can't stop it or slow it down, we can only live in the moment and enjoy every minute we have with our loved ones. 

This year was particularly fun. I don't know why, but I assume it is because the kids are a bit older and they actually wanted to go on alot of the rides. Well everyone but William. William gets a little nervous around loud noises: lawn mowers, leaf blowers, hair dryers, and in todays case: ALL ROLLER COASTER RIDES. Today is the only time he would ASK to go into his stroller, where he would sit back and pull the sun canopy all the way down. Guys, this was to funny to watch. I would try to pull it up so he could wave to his brother and sister as they went by on the roller coaster, and he wouldn't have any of it. Off course once we walked away from the rollers coasters, he would shimmy out of his 5 point harness, stand up and ask to be lifted out of the stroller so he could run off and explore all the colorful attractions around him, but he didn't want to go on ANY of the rides, and even fell asleep with all the noise around him (2nd nap of the day!) 

It also helped that we went on a less crowded day, the lines were actually short compared to last year when we went on the day of the Monster truck show. 

We went on rides, played games, won prizes and ate too much junk food. But it was the fair, and you can't go home without eating some caramel corn, cotton candy, snow cones, funnel cakes and so much more, right?
 I think this is the only time of the year I let my kids eat cotton candy before dinner :)

Well that about wraps up our day today, we did end up going to Panera for some soup and bread afterwards. After eating so much junk food, that is all that appealed to us. 

I want to say that we came home and rested afterwards, but nope. Hubby and I decided to clean and organize the garage and then I even managed to squeeze in a workout. Gotta start burning some of those carbs I had today ;) lol. 

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  1. oh my gosh, the pic of you 3 on the slide is the cutest!

  2. I would really like you to share how you tought your son to read. Did you start from reading him books with huge letters? Did you teach him letters first, then read the syllables ...? Did he learn how to write while he was learning how to read? Which books/learning resources did you use? I would highly appreciate step by step detailed description/video. I imagine that would help me to start this jurney with my kids.

    1. I am currently using The Reading Lesson book with my son, just as I did with my daughter. You can find more info here:
      But it basically teaches the child to read by sounds, not just letters. Each chapter has a note to the parent on how to teach the sounds. It is great, I love it and recommend it to everyone who is starting to teach their children to read. i also love BOB books, we have a few sets and I like to throw those in here and there. I have him read me two pages from the reading lesson or one bob book before bed every night.