Sunday Fun-day- Visiting The Evergreen Aviation Museum

Sunday is our "family day". A day we put aside to go and do something with our family. Go biking, hiking, visit museums, parks or anything else we want to do. The boys have been wanting to visit the Aviation Museum for a while now,  and since my little bother and sister are here for a visit, it seemed like a great time to do it. 

I have to say, I was blown away by all of the planes, I wanted to photograph all of them, they were all so shiny and pretty. Listen to me call military aircraft pretty. Well I can't help it, the hanger was beautiful and bright, and all the planes just seemed to shine. 
William (my two year old) is really into planes right now (and construction trucks). He was thrilled  to be able to be so close to the airplanes. He didn't like the fact that he wasn't allowed to touch and climb on them. What do you mean mom? Why can't I touch it, its mine, mine mine!

The Evergreen Aviation Museum is the home of The Spruce Goose. (I am not a huge history buff, but I did remember it from watching the Aviator) It was built by Howard Hughes in 1942 (World War II) entirely out of wood due to wartime metal restrictions! 
It was the largest airplane ever constructed and flown only one time! 

I had no idea it was so MASSIVE! 

Out on the back lawn of the museum there were some tanks. This gave the kids the freedom to actually touch and climb on the exhibits. Can you tell how excited William is running toward the tanks? 

Afterwards we went to the Evergreen Water Park, which is right next door to the museum. This is probably the largest indoor waterpark I have ever been to. There are different pools, 4 different slides, wave pool, splash pads, and a water science center.

Did you know that there is actually a real 747 on the roof!! You take the stairs to the plane and the slides actually begin in the airplane!

  We all went on the water slides (well, everyone but William) The wave pool was blast and the splash pad was a lot of fun to. Needless to say we all went home very tired, and very very hungry. We stopped by our favorite pizza place for dinner. I may have had 3 slices, but I am hoping that huge Caesar salad canceled out at least one (ha ha).

I hope you all had a great Sunday, thanks for visiting, 


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