Visiting Family

We just came back from our trip to Missouri a few days ago. When people hear "Missouri" they usually make a face and ask why in the world would I want to go there. Well the reason is simple- Family.  My parents and most of my siblings live there. They actually moved there about 5 years ago, and we try to make it out there often, but with the kids, the trip is hard. This year we had a great reason, my sister was getting married.  The wedding was beautiful, and something we will look back at for many years to come.

My family occasionally visits us in the PNW, but I haven't been back there in about 2 1/2 years! So it was great to visit and see everyone in the same place. I have 5 sisters, and spending time with them all has been amazing. I love each and every one of them:

It was great to spend some time with my daddy :) love this man. He has given so much to all of us kids. Putting up with the drama of 6 girls is not easy ;)

We even had a chance to go on a triple date with my sisters and their husbands.
How refreshing was it to be able to eat without worrying about the kids because I knew they were in good hands of their grandparents. 

We stayed at my sisters house, but spent a lot of time at my parents house (good thing they live just about a mile away from each other)  As soon as we would wake up, the kids would ask if we could go to grandmas house. They loved it there, my daughter in particular loved the kitty, the dog and off course the chickens. She would ask grandma if she could collect eggs with her every day we were there.
She made the kitten toys and would play with her every chance she got, she told me that she had no idea that cats could be so fun. In fact she is already hinting on a kitten for her birthday. Ahem.. we shall see. 

Nico, on the other hand is not a fan of animals. He wouldn't even walk in the back yard because he feared the dog would lick him.  Instead loved to spend time with his Uncle Dennis, who was there to take him from point A to Point B in the back yard without the dog getting anywhere near him. Now thats a good uncle right there.

William loved everything, he loved having so much room to run around and explore. He loved all of the animals, so when the dog would lick him, he would giggle, when he found the kitten, he would pet her and admire how soft she was. He didn't understand why the chickens kept running away from him :) Its always an adventure with this little guy.

It is HOT and HUMID in Missouri, almost unbearable being outside without some sort of shade and preferably a pool. So a lot of our time was spent in pools. Only towards the evenings we would come outside to play, talk and watch the fire flies.

After the wedding was over, we spent the last two days in Branson, taking complete advantage of the pools. The kids love swimming, and I am learning to enjoy it to. (I took a few swimming lessons this spring, and I am so much more comfortable to be in the water now) We stayed with my sisters family at the Marriott Resort in a two bedroom condo. My younger sister and brother also came. They were a great help with the kids. 

We had dinner at the Branson Landing and picked up a few gifts at some shops.

Nico is going through a CARS phase right now. He loves cars, he plays with cars, he talks about cars, he even dreams about cars. So when we saw Mater and McQueen at the Branson Celebrity Car Museum , he was over the moon. That smile of his stretched from one side of his face to the other. I am sure I even saw some happy tears. 

He has already requested that I print him a BIG picture of him and Mater so he can hang it in his room and show his friends :).

 Every evening Branson has a water show at 9pm, which we all enjoyed watching. 

Every night the kids would go to sleep tired and happy. They would fall asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows. That is what childhood is all about- at the end of the day, being sticky, tired and happy. I am so grateful that we were able to give them all these precious memories to look back at. 

Thanks for visiting,


  1. I vote for giving your daughter a kitty for her birthday! :) Such a cute picture of her with the kitten!