My Sisters Wedding

One of my younger sisters, Kristina, got married last week. My family lives across the country so we flew down for the wedding. Kristina was a beautiful bride, and the wedding was lovely. Emily was one of the flower girls and Nico was the ring bearer, which was very special for them. 

I come from a large family. We have 7 kids, and 6 of them are girls! Growing up with 5 sisters was pretty great. We always had someone to talk to, someone to share clothes with, someone to walk to school with, and someone to sit with, so we were never alone, and never lonely. Sure there were some fights, but which siblings don't fight?  My childhood was never boring, I have so many wonderful memories of my sisters. But I will admit that the older I get, the more I appreciate each and every one of them. Each of my sisters has their own personality, their own hopes and dreams, their own strengths and weaknesses. As they get older and more mature, it is easier to see and love them all for who they are.  

-Julie, Yana, Kristina, Me, Annette, Mary-

I am the 2nd oldest, so I babysat a lot of my younger siblings, and the fact that my youngest sister (the baby of the family ) is 15 years old now, really makes me stop and think. How can time fly by this fast. I am going to be 30 years old this year! What!? How?!!

-my baby sister Annette with Emily-

I appreciate everything my parents have done to raise 7 kids, I only have 3 kids and I am already frazzled and tired most of the time, so I have no idea how they did it. 

4 of us are now married, that leaves 3 more weddings in the future ;)

-waiting to walk down the aisle-

-wedding party-

-sweet heart table-

-macaroon wedding cake-

 -Daniel (the groom) restored this vintage bike for my sister as a birthday gift 2 years ago. My husband  decided to bring it to the wedding and surprise them. It was such a great idea, because lots of people used it as a photo prop and Kristina was very surprised to see it :) so kudos to my hubby for coming up with the idea and even picking up some flowers for the basket -

-little cousins-
little girls in tulle, such a pretty site- 
Well any girl in tulle, I even have a few tulle skirts which I love. They make me want to twirl. 

-Daddy and his boys-
William is wearing the toddler wrist link, because he likes to run off, and when you are in down town, with water fountains and cars nearby, you don't want to take any chances. 

-yep, this is life with a two year old-

-Congratulations my dear sister! Wishing you happiness and joy-

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