Blueberry picking with the family..

July means summer, and summer means fresh blueberries! Our local blueberry patch opened for picking about 3 weeks ago, we have yet to go because of our trip, however as soon as we got a chance, we grabbed our wagon, buckets and off course a box of tissues for me (I am on day 5 of this darn cold), and headed to the farm. We have been coming to the same farm for 5 years now, I love how tall the blue berry bushes are- they provided much needed shade on hot summer days.

Growing up, one of the things we avidly did was go berry picking. Every summer we would pick strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cherries. I even remember picking walnuts and peaches.  It was something I really enjoyed doing, and my kids feel the same way. Off course, they are still young and are only interested in picking for about 10 minutes, then they just run up and down the rows. But between all of us, we ended up picking 36 pounds! I froze about 15 pounds, gave some away and the rest are in my fridge. I am planning on making a blueberry cobbler for 4th of July, and off course a berry tart, and the rest are for eating. As I type this post up, I am eating a big bowl of berries, think of all the antioxidants, mmm.....

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