Last Day of School

My little Em has finished 2nd grade! I can't believe that this school year has gone by so fast, perhaps it is because I am not the one going to school :). I remember that school would drag on and on when I was a child, I would count the days until summer break. 

I pulled up Emily's first day of school picture to see if she has grown/changed much. I only see a subtle change, her face has matured a tiny bit, although she is wearing the same frames , her prescription decreased, and she got a little taller.

Emily loved school and was sad to sad goodbye to her teacher and friends. She found out who her teacher will be next year and toured her new classroom. She will even have some friends with her next year. Emily has been saying only good things to her little brother Nico about school, and now he is excited about going to kindergarten next year. 

Next school year (which is only 2 1/2 months away) I will have two kids in school! How is that possible?! I will only have one kido at home with me. My husband asked me the other day,  what I am going to do with all my free time (ahem) I had to shoot him a glare. What does he think I do with all of my time, sit on the couch and eat cookies all day? Us moms don't get a break, there is always something to do:  clean, cook, run errands, pick up kids,  help with homework, bath time, and more cleaning. I told him that I will do exactly what I do right now, my job ;)

Now that we are on break, we can sleep in, play outside and soak in the sun. 

Happy summer you all :)


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