Favorites in our Outdoor Space

It has been warming up here in the NW, and the fact that sun is here to stay for a while makes us very happy! We have a few little trips planned this summer, but I think the majority of the time will be spent in our back yard. From splashing in the kiddie pool, barbecuing our dinner, to camping out with  our friends.

We spend alot of time in our backyard. The  patio roof we had built two years ago was a great investment for our home.  Not only does add architectural interest to the the back to the house, but it is also practical. We get full sun back here in the afternoon, before we had the cover, we avoided being out here in the hot sun, now we have some shade and spend alot of time lounging out here.

One of the most common questions I get, is where our patio furniture is from. We chose the Woodbury pieces from the Hampton Bay line at Home Depot. We bought the Hampton Bay table set and the 3 piece patio set. I have washed and dried the chair dining cushions, and they were clean and good as new. The  slip covers on the 3 piece seating set are another story. Even though the slip covers come off to wash and air dry, they are  a bit difficult to put them back on. It is a good thing that the covers are under the patio and I don't have to do it very often. 

I may be a little weird, but I get excited for new household items like vacuums, or anything that makes my life a tiny bit easier ;). Its no secret that I like a clean house, so now that we are outside, I like it to be clean out here to, especially the patio area: the place we all come to relax and spend time together. 

I have plants and birds seed on our patio. So it gets messy, especially when the kids dump the sand out of their shoes near the door. Well, I used to have to vacuum the rug and cushions and sweep the concrete patio. Now, I have a new tool. A gift from my hubby to make my cleaning a little easier. It is the Milwaukee compact blower. I use it to blow the dust, dirt, leaves and sand off the cushions, rug and ground. It is so easy, and I have the patio clean in less then 2 minutes. 

I seriously love it! So easy to blow the leaves, and clean the yard to. Best part is that it is small, light weight and is cordless! I just charge the battery when I am done. Nope, I was not paid to say this, We bought this product with our own money. I just think it makes life easier, and I wanted to share it. 
Now I just need to find  something that will clean my sliding doors for me ;).

 I am amazed at how big the plants and bushes have come back this year. It is so lush and green out here. I love being outside, pruning the plants, mowing the lawn and even weeding on a beautiful sunny day is very satisfying.

Even our little vegetable garden is thriving.

I hope that you have been enjoying the warmer weather, and wish you all a great summer!

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