Weekend Getaway- Oregon Coast

We just got back from our 4 day getaway to the Oregon coast, hubby surprised us by booking the beach house just two days before we had to leave! I am not a spontaneous  person, I like to plan things and make lists, so this was a little crazy. But it was just us going, so meal prep was easy and I made a point to pack light, because there was a washer and dryer at the house. 

It being April, and the NW coast, I wasn't expecting good weather or anything, I just thought it would be nice to cozy up by the fire, read a book and go on walks. However, the weather was amazing! It was chilly the day we drove in, but the next three days were fantastic. It even reached the 80's on Sunday. 

Staying at this beach house house felt like a dream. It was just steps from the beach. Roomy, and beautiful inside. We got to eat with a ocean view three times a day and people watched from the balcony. I loved that it was so close to the beach, I could put William down for a nap, and sit and watch hubby and the big kids outside. 

-isn't it dreamy?-

-how did she get so big!?-

-William loved the sand, he kept piling sand into mountains and then decorate them with sticks and rocks-

-Saturday morning. I hoped to sleep in, but the kids were up bright and early ready for a day at the beach, which I didn't mind. Hubby and I drank our coffee and tea right there on the beach-

-My three little blessings-

-dining with an ocean view-

-delicious and home cooked meal is just what you want after a day on the beach-

-Nicholas helping with the berry tart-

-I made the crust and filling for the berry tart at home. 
I just put it together before dinner, this is such a great and refreshing dessert with the lemon curd filling and fresh berries-

-William loves bubbles, now even more since he learned how to blow them all by himself-

-Emily loves collecting different and unique rocks, shells and sticks, she has a whole box at home of things she found. So beach combing was a must, we even managed to find a few pieces of beach glass. 

-Emily's finds-

-beautiful views from the house-

-oh and the sunsets were amazing-

-I didn't grab my tripod, so we found a rock to put the camera on to take a family pic, its not perfect, but I will take it. -

-Sunday was HOT, so we got a little wet-

 -My brother in law and his family joined us on Sunday, so we had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows after dinner-

-These two :) They can't live without each other-

-William and his upset face :) We were packing up to leave on Monday, and he didn't understand why he couldn't go back to the beach again-

We made so many beautiful memories at the coast, I can't wait to get the pictures printed and into the our family and kids photo albums. 


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