Play date brunch

I love getting together with friends, and right now that is a little hard to do. It is cold and wet outside, so parks are out of the picture. I can not wait until summer time, we can go on bike rides, picnics, the zoo and so on

Right now, our get togethers have to be somewhere indoors and safe for little babies and toddlers. So  I hosted a brunch/play date at my house. It was during school hours, so our older kidos were in school, but that still left 5 toddlers/babies :)

I had  a great time catching up with my friends, and the kids loved playing together. In fact, Nico said that he really likes one friend so much that he was going to marry her when he grew up. :) Ha ha !
I asked him what he liked about her and he said that she played everything he wanted to play.

Here is a peek into our day.

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  1. So beautiful. I think it's wonderful that you host other mommies and kids.