Kids Easter Baskets-

Can you believe that it is nearly the end of the month?! This month has been a blur, we were sick with the flu for 3 weeks, so the days seemed to all blur together and I was in survival mode most of the time. However, we are all so much better and all have recovered. I feel like a brand new person and am happy to get back to my "mommy tasks".  

One of the things I wanted to do was "springify" (Is that even a word? LOL, my spellcheck certainly doesn't think so)  my house and get the easter baskets done for the kids. Well atleast one of those tasks is done, I am still working on my house :)

I tried to stay away from too much candy, since we still have valentines day candy hanging around the house from our party. Instead, I included some of their current favorite toys, bubbles, books and off course a hollow easter bunnies. 

Rather then buying the "typical" easter baskets which will later end up in the trash, I chose these simple straw baskets at Michael's. I think they will be great to pick our vegetables in our garden this summer. See how practical I am :)

I can't wait to surprise the kids with the baskets. 

-for my 2 year old-

-for my 5 year old-

-for my 8 year old-

Do you have any easter basket traditions? Share a link to your easter baskets, I would love to see them. 


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