11 year Anniversary...

When I was a kid, I wished that I was older and that time would go by faster, Now I wish it would slow down. The days go by so fast, which turn into weeks, months and years. I still can not believe that our 11 year anniversary was today.

We were 18 and 19 when we got married, basically teenagers in love. Nothing was impossible for us. We knew that we were meant to be, We knew that God would bless our marriage, we trusted him completely and He has not failed us, we love each other even more now then we did back then.

I still remember that it was raining every day for a whole week before the wedding (not unusual for Portland) yet, I was confident that it would be sunny on our wedding day. My husband (then fiancé) asked me if I was worried about it raining on our wedding day, and I assured him that it would not. He asked me how I could be so sure, I told him that I asked God to bless our wedding day, including stopping the rain. I had complete trust in him, I knew he would bless our union and that it would not rain. And guess what? It didn't! It was the most beautiful spring day I could remember.

Before the ceremony, 11 years ago, we went to a botanical garden to take our wedding pictures, Everything was blooming, I was amazed at the beauty all around us. Well after breakfast, we decided to take the kids to the same garden. It felt amazing walking through the same paths 11 years later with our three kids. We ended the day with a romantic dinner out, just me and my man. It felt so good to go out on a date again, we got to enjoy our dinner in peace and not worry if the kids are making to much noise. It was a perfect day, and I my heart is overflowing with gratitude.

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