Valentines Day 2016

I have always loved valentines day, ever since I was a kid in elementary school. I loved buying or making cards, and handing them out to all of my classmates and friends. I remember coming home and trading cards and candy with my sisters. It was such a fun time and something I think back to when I think of valentines day.

Valentines day means different things to people, for some people it is all about the romance. For us, it is about family. Me and my hubby never really got into the whole "valentines day celebrations" because our anniversary is just 2 weeks later and we were broke in the first few years of our marriage.
Now that we have older kids, I find myself making an effort during the holidays. Its not about expensive dinners, or gifts, its about letting them know that they are really special to me and I love them.  Hubby and I exchange cards, chocolate, and he also gets me flowers :). I pick out a card for each of my children and write them each a special message---they keep their cards in their memory box, one day they can look back and read them all.

We had our "romantic" date a week ago,  on Super Bowl Sunday of all days, but the restaurants were practically empty and we had an amazing time. We went to a little Italian restaurant and then to a cafe in downtown portland for drinks and dessert. So on Valentines day,  we had a family date at home. The kids love to be included and like to help out with setting the table with special plates, napkins, and lighting the candles.

We had a fun playdate/party for the kids and their cousins on Monday since there was no school, they made their valentine bags, exchanged cards and candy, ate lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon playing. Here are some pictures from our day-

What are your valentine traditions? Is it more romance or family oriented?


  1. I love how you make everyday celebrations so colorful, happy and festive!

  2. Very pretty table runner. Where is it from?