Sunday Fun-Day!

This Sunday didn't have a very good start and I am surprised that it turned out to be such a great day. But sometimes that happens, right? It's called life :)  

Hubby ended up working in the morning,  and starting the day with cleaning the house, washing all the sheets and doing loads of laundry was not fun. By the time breakfast was cleared up I was exhausted. 

After I got all the chores done, I took the boys for their hair cut, which William ended up crying throughout the entire time, I ended up having to hold him down on my lap :( 
Poor little guy is so scared of the electric buzzer. I am hoping that this phase passes soon, because his hair grows so fast. The the hair stylist was so patient and kind, and she ended up doing a really good job. 

Afterwards we stopped by Target (off course) to pick up a few things and then headed home for nap time. I was surprised that hubby was home already! Yay! He ended up giving the boys a bath to wash away the haircut hairs, while I fixed lunch for everyone.  

I wish I could have taken a nice long nap,  but I opted to take a nice long hot shower while William napped. I was covered in hair from William's cut, and it was driving me crazy.  That shower did it. I did my hair and makeup and felt like a brand new person ready to take on the day. 

Shortly after William woke up, we decided to head to the Oregon Museum and Science Industries (OMSI) We have gone to the 3D theater with the kids, but we never actually taken the kids to all of the exhibits. Well we thought they were finally old enough to enjoy the museum now, and boy were we right. The kids had so much fun, that we ended up getting family membership, because there is so much to see.

I am looking forward to taking the boys during the week because they have a great "little kids" exhibit with water play, indoor sand, and so much more. After the museum, we ended up going to our favorite little Italian restaurant, and I had my favorite butternut squash ravioli. YUM!

It turned out to be a pretty good day after all :)

I hope you also had a great Sunday!


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