William's 2nd Birthday

My little boy has turned 2! It seems like just yesterday that we celebrated Williams 1st birthday, but here we are a full year later. I went back to look at his new born photos and I still find it hard to grasp that this little itty baby turned into such an energetic toddler.

William adores Curious George, so naturally we went with George for the party theme. 

William loves airplanes. Big, small, any kind. 
He got a lot of planes for his birthday and he can't be more happier. He even makes a whooshing sound when he plays with them. 

He had such a great time, he had too much sugar, opened all his new toys and had fun with his cousins. By the evening he was worn out and ready for bed. 

Happy birthday my dear little boy, I am looking forward to seeing what this next year of life will bring for you. 


  1. I started reading your blog when you were expecting him. Can't believe he's 2 already! What a Happy Birthday!