Zoo Lights 2015

Zoo lights opened yesterday! We decided to beat the "Christmas " crowd. Last year we went a few days before christmas and it was packed (like stepping on peoples toes crowded) this time it was just perfect, not too crowded at all. 

When we got to the zoo it was 46 F, but within an hour the temperature dropped down to 36F! Oh and to top it off, Emily forgot her coat at home! How can someone forget their coat, you ask? Well the kids always get hot in the car when we have a long drive, so they put their coats in the trunk and we put them on when we get to our destination, well when we go to the zoo, it was nowhere to be found! Turns out it was still at home. Our first stop was the gift shop, the only warm thing they had was a hoodie, so she ended up wearing 2 sweaters, hat/gloves and her brothers scarf. 

The night was cold, crisp and it was so clear that we could see the stars. It was such a fun night, we saw the lights, sipped hot chocolate and took a train ride around the zoo. We all had such a great time. Here are some pictures we managed to take. 

I hope you and your family enjoy this beautiful season!


  1. Wow! these photos are fantastic and in the dark. Your family is cute and looks like they had a wonderful and colorful time.