Bedtime Reading

I read to my kids every night before bed, we get a huge stack of library books every 2 weeks and read at least 1-2 picture books a night in Nico's bedroom. Then prayers and blessings are said, and Nico and William get tucked into their beds.

After the boys are in bed, I cuddle up with Emily in her room and we read a chapter out of whatever book we are reading. So far we have read American girl books : Kit, Molly, Addy and Samantha. Addy was definitely her favorite. I agree with her, there is so much adventure and drama in Addy's  books, We couldn't just read one chapter a night, I read until my mouth hurt :)

After the American girl books, we read the All of a Kind Family series. Which we both really enjoyed.

We are now reading Little House on the Prairie. We are done with book one and are starting book 2 tonight. Emily looks forward to our reading time together, after reading she asks questions about the book, and we usually end up looking stuff up on the internet, which leads to more questions and conversation.

Reading aloud is so important. In our normal day to day conversation we usually use the same words (we tend to use verbal shorthand, not complete sentences) but during reading, the child hears more sophisticated words because the language in books is so rich and books have complete sentences. Not only do the children have a bigger range of vocabulary, but they also learn so much from reading.

Last week, Emily came home one day and asked me if I knew what a humvee was. I had to think for a few seconds, and I did end up saying that it was some sort of military vehicle, but what I was more interested in was the fact that she knew about it. Turns out she read it in her Scholastic magazine that day.  Every week that class reads a new issue about current events and answers a few questions.
If someone would have just mentioned a humvee in passing conversation, it probably would have gone over her head. But the fact that they read about it, stopped and talked about it, means that she will actually learn and remember it.

Today Emily came to me and asked what the difference between a rocket and a spaceship is, and truth be told, I didn't really know for sure. So I got out her the kids dictionary and showed her how to use it, we ended up both learning something new. This just goes to show, how reading is important.

William has started bringing me books during the day, he wants me to sit down and read to him. I don't know if he understands much of it, but he has  understood the concept, bring mommy book, she will sit down and read to me, until I run away, then she stops reading.

His favorite ones right now are the Little Blue Truck books, I don't mind reading them over and over again, because they rhyme and are so fun to read. I actually bought these books for Nico when he was a toddler, and he also loved them. Now William loves them.

What are some of your favorite books to read to your child or your favorite books from your own childhood?


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