Pie Making....

I can not believe that today is October 1st!  I blinked and September passed by.  
I have been craving a homemade apple pie, and even bought  bunch of  apples on our trip to the farm a few days ago, however----our family eats a lot of apples and most were gone. I don't blame them, they were darn good. There is something about fresh farm apples. 

So we headed to a local farm which sells fresh picked apples and we bought a few different varieties.

How beautiful are these gala apples?!

We started on the pie as soon as we got home

A few little hands snuck some cinnamon covered apples while I went to throw some laundry in, I quickly covered it and stuck it in the oven. My house smelled heavenly. My neighbor stopped by for a visit and asked what I was baking... 

Gosh, what is it about apples, cinnamon and sugar..... YUMMY!!!!

Emily volunteered to take a picture of me.... AWKWARD

And the finished product: (the recipe for my pie is here)

Thanks for visiting and I hope your October is filled with apple pies, cinnamon and crunchy leaves....


  1. Rita you look so cute in that picture, I don't know what it is! Love this post, will definitely be trying this recipe as soon as I buy a pie dish ;)

  2. Thank you Elena! How are you hun? Baby is coming soon?