Fall Home Tour 2015

Fall is here!!

It is one of my favorite seasons, well I think I actually love all 4 seasons equally. 
I live the the NW, which gets 4 very beautiful seasons. Just when I think that I could never tire of one season, I get that feeling of excitement of the next season just around the corner. It doesn't get old, there is always that feeling of anticipation in my heart. As the seasons change, I can not help but be reminded of how wonderful our God is. He made all of this around us. 

I do not do a lot of decorating for fall, but I do like to bring in fall colors to warm up the house and get the cozy feeling.  In the living room I changed my curtains and pillow covers. These curtains are a few years old, I am glad I kept them, I knew they would come in handy one day :) I put away my bright floral arrangements and decor and brought some neutral floral arrangements, fall decor and candles.

During these colder evenings,  our fireplace is warming the house and the candles are flickering, I can not help but get a warm feeling in my heart. I am so thankful for our cozy little house and my family to snuggle up with :)

Thanks for visiting, 


  1. Beautiful, I'm pinning! I'm having a hard time kick starting my fall decorating and I may have to borrow your coffee table vignette idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Very pretty! Thank you for sharing these pictures of your beautiful home with us!

  3. Where did you get the couch and love seat from? This is exactly what I am looking for.

    1. Sofa and loveseat are from IKEA. They are the Ektorp line