Another weekend... another wedding...

We attended another wedding this weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and little Em was a flower girl. 
She sure felt special today, in fact she told me that "it was the best day ever" and "she felt like a princess". 
Aww, that gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, I am glad she felt like a princess, because she deserves to feel like one everyday of her life.

Weddings are tough with our little guy, he is so excited to explore and is always on the move. He will not sit still for one moment unless I strap him into the stroller. I keep telling myself, that this shall pass, and then I will miss seeing him so small and cute. 

This little man did great, he brought his toys and played quietly.
He missed his sister, in fact he kept hugging her when he saw her, which Em didn't enjoy very much. 

Em-- mom, he is squishing me
Me-- stop squishing your sister 
Nico-- but mom! I want to hug her!

Well, I don't blame him, I love hugs just as much as he does. 

Can we just take a moment and reflect how big my kids have gotten!! 
How!? When!? 
We can't stop the time, we can't slow it down, we can only enjoy everyday that we have together .

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