One day at a time..

Lately I have been contemplating of shutting my blog down. I feel that I do not have much free time to blog anymore. But then I went through and looked at my posts, they reminded me of all we have done though the years, how much the children have grown, the new steps they have taken, and all we have accomplished as a family. 

 I guess you can say that it is like a virtual diary. We may forget things we have done as the days and months fly by, but it is good to be reminded with these little posts. 

So decided to keep the blog and post when ever I can. Especially post more of the kids and family. 

I will start with a little update on the home life right now :)

Biggest change now is that Em is in public school! I still have mixed feelings about this. One moment I think it is great because she is having such a wonderful time, the next I miss her so much and wish she was home with me. I miss teaching her most days, especially on my slow days. 
But my husband and I decided to take it one year at a time, on this note---I decided to take the Home school certification test soon "just in case" I decide to homeschool again next year. 
Right now she is absolutely loving public school! In fact, she wanted to go to school even when she got sick. 
She tells me all about her day and everything she has done. I am so proud of her.

Little Nico took some time to adjust with his sister being gone most of the day. The first few days he was constantly asking me to play with him, but now he is learning to play on his own, even if it happens to be underfoot. He will follow me around with all his toys from room to room. And if he happens to build a super cool tower or something, he asks me to come see it. He is used to showing things to his big sister, now we just take a picture of it and share about our day when she gets home from school.

We work on a few pre K workbooks here and there. At first I was pushing him to do more each day, but not so much anymore. I  keep reminding myself that he is only 4 and to let him be a kid. Kids learn from everyday things which is what I see with Nico everyday. He will run to me and tell me he can count to 20, or 30 or 40 now. Another time he will run and ask me to write down a word on  a piece of paper which he later copies. He is into CARS and PLANES now. So he asks me to print out pictures or lightening McQueen and Dusty the airplane, which he loves coloring and stapling together to make "books".

Baby William (who is not so much of a baby anymore) is now 20 months old!
He is certainly mommy's boy.  He follows me around everywhere, if I am in he kitchen, he brings a bathroom stool to "help" me. Which just means trying to touch everything he is not supposed to. His latest thing is to reach the apples in the fruit tray and take bites of all the apples and put them back. I guess he is looking for that one perfect apple and seems to have not found it yet, because now we have a ton of bitten apples (off course the fruit flies are not complaining)

Life is busy at home, and we are taking it one day at a time and enjoying our days together. 

Thanks for visiting, 


  1. Oh please don't stop! I get such joy from reading about your little family & your adventures. I never skip one of your posts on my feed. Your posts are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise cluttered feed of tutorials and giveaways.

    1. Oh thank you so much for your sweet words and thank you for reading my blog.

  2. I am so glad you decided to keep your blog running, I would have missed your posts! I started following a little before you were pregnant with your youngest son and have really enjoyed watching your family grow. I love your beauty product reviews-- you are a girl I feel that I can trust. Looking forward to more to come!! :-)

  3. Don't stop! Although, I have actually been having the same thoughts and struggle in my head as well :-) But I really do enjoy your blog and find you so inspiring!

  4. I love your posts Rita, please don't stop.

  5. I've had similar thoughts due to lack of time but it's something that I really enjoy and besides, I would miss everyone terribly. I hope you'll continue! BTW your family is beautiful!

  6. When I read the first line of your post I thought: Oh no, I hope you don't quit your blog. I don't comment here often, but do enjoy reading your blog. I love the way you decorate, and have enjoyed to read about your homeschooling, and like to see your parties. I always click over to your blog when I see a new post appear. I can relate to your busy life, I have 3 kids as well. So long story short: I am glad you decided to stay, even if it is every once in a while!

  7. I agree with all of these ladies, that I would be really sad if you stopped blogging. I know that life gets busy. Sometimes I get behind on reading blogs. But, if I do, I always go back and read all of your posts. Yours is one of my favorite blogs. You take such nice photos of your lovely family and I love the way you keep your focus on God! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Please don't stop blogging!! I love reading your blogs even if u don't post very often! Your a super momma and an inspiration to me!! I'm a mom to two kiddos myself ages 5 and 2 and I know life can get hectic so we all understand!! God bless your beautiful family!!

  9. Please don't stop blogging! I love reading your blogs even if u don't post very often... Your a super momma and a inspiration to me! I'm a mom to two kiddos myself ages 5 and 2 and life can get very hectic so i understand... Keep up the good blogs and God bless your beautiful family!!!

  10. I don't think I've ever commented but you are one of my favorite bloggers! I never skip your posts! You're such an inspiration as a Mom/homemaker! I love reading your thoughts and seeing your beautiful photos! Not to mention….your recipes! I've tried a ton of them and have loved every single one!

  11. Glad to know your daughter is doing ok in public school. She sure is a cutie =)