Living Room - Summer

I wanted to share a few new touches in the living room for the summer. 
I brought in a more green into the living room with the cushions and I love how fresh it feels. It reminds me of summer, green grass and flowers outside. 

 I had to move this shelf out of the family room/den since it did not work with the new sectional, so I decided to leave it in the family room. 
It stores all of our dvds, photo albums, and the boxes store greeting cards we received, baby books, cds and other random things. 

As you can tell, I had to move all of the "breakables" up high out of reach for my one year old. He is a curious little guy, and likes to get his hands on all of mama's things, especially shiny and breakable things :). 

Thanks for visiting, 


  1. Looks awesome! Where did you get your couches and coffee table?

  2. very pretty! what brand are your couches? how long have you had them? I'm in the market for new ones and I want to make sure what I get lasts. these are very close to what I would like

  3. Very pretty! It looks like a very happy home!

  4. I love the shelf holder and the picture frames. Your living room is lovely and delightfully bright!

  5. Just beautiful!!!!

  6. I just found your blog and love it. I love how you are always updating your happy home and your Welcome sentence "trying our best in life". Aren't we all? Cute!